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  1. EKstudio


    *I don’t get why the pictures look so long but I couldn’t really figure out how to make them look normal… These guys are from UMW soccer team in which two of them are former captains. Matt, the guy on … Continue reading
  2. EKstudio

    FP #8

    Again, I asked the same questions that I used for the last interview. The following answers are from the guy (on the right) in the picture: 1. My hobbies are playing sports and listening to music. 2. I am from … Continue reading
  3. EKstudio

    FP #7

    These are the four questions that I asked the people above: 1. What are your hobbies? 2. Where are you from? (your hometown) 3. What do you see yourself doing in the next 5 years? 4. What is your ultimate … Continue reading
  4. EKstudio

    Overview of DS106

    I haven’t really thought of what “digital storytelling” is and how it can be used until I started taking this class. “Digital Storytelling” was a whole new concept to me. Like mentioned in my letter to the future ds106 students, … Continue reading
  5. EKstudio

    FP #6

    More more players…… From left to right, their names are Stephen, Peter, Jinsoo (again), and Corey. Stephen was born in Baltimore, MD, but he now lives in Gainsville, VA. Like Alex, Stephen is majoring in Business and is trying to … Continue reading
  6. EKstudio


    Here are more soccer players.. (p.s. Ann is not one of the players…forgot to mention that in the last post) The guy whose face is right above the soccer shoe, his name is Jinsoo but I heard some people just … Continue reading
  7. EKstudio


    Here is what I have so far… I went to see a soccer game today partially because I thought it’d be a good opportunity for me to interview and take some photos of the players. So here it is! The … Continue reading
  8. EKstudio


    I think this project is really helping me see other sides of people, of course in a good way. So for this time, I asked two of the Korean Exchange Students who live in Ball Hall and their names are … Continue reading
  9. EKstudio


    I’ve been really sick lately and I still am, even though it’s been over a week, so now I think I should go see a doctor because at this point, I don’t think it’s cold anymore…I thought it was allergy … Continue reading
  10. EKstudio

    FP #1

    I’m wearing the red polka dot ribbon on my head. The girl on my left is my RA and the other girl lives on the first floor in Ball Hall. Like I mentioned in my final project post, my plan … Continue reading
  11. EKstudio


    In part I, Ira Glass talked about 2 basic building blocks used in broadcasting: anecdote (?) and the moment of reflection. (Details can be found at Then in part II and III, he explained how hard it is to … Continue reading

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