1. @katelync106

    where to?


    There is definitely a difference between not putting yourself out there and lacking confidence. And I’ve been very guilty of not putting myself out there. I’m glad I went to the Career Center and ended up meeting wonderful women who offered me this position! on-the-job communication: in this role, I’ve …

  2. @katelync106

    what i learned


    From this internship thus far, I’ve learned a few things about myself as well as how to work with people. Time management. This was something I really struggled with when I first got to college. I began to improve my time management skills as I slowly learned the consequences that …

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    coffee talks


    One of the ways the Colloquium keeps women connected throughout the year is with monthly coffee talks! Each session centers on a theme with an open discussion. What a great way to stay connected with professional women and have some time to reflect on a particular topic. Plus, coffee. My …

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    weekly summary: the finale


    Five weeks have come and gone, DS106. We have learned and advanced our skills on multiple digital platforms. For my final project, I wanted to twist a character in a story that I am already familiar with. I looked at my shelf of DVDs and thought – ah, Titanic. So …

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    titanic 2.0 – five frame story


    A picture is worth a thousand words… and a story can be told in five. I decided to use this assignment to guide my narrative, and add in the other assignments with it as well. For all of the images I simply found them on Google Images, downloaded them, and …

  6. @katelync106

    titanic 2.0 – the story of your character


    I love the movie Titanic. Old, kind of cheesy, I know, but it’s a classic. This movie of course focuses on the two main ill-fated characters Jack and Rose. So I decided to change the perspective and choose “the bad guy” as my character – Cal, Rose’s fiancé. I chose …

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    weekly summary 4


    We are almost there, DS106! I really enjoyed this week, video. I love films, YouTube, all of it. But instead of watching them, I was the one making them this week! Take a look at what I did:…

  8. @katelync106

    a day in my life: castanza decent


    “If you take everything I’ve ever done in my entire life and condense it down into one day….it looks decent.” “Everything in my life is the complete opposite of what I want it to be.” Two quotes from the one and only George Castanza from Seinfeld. As I mentioned in …

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    healthy vine challenge


    I try to eat healthy most of the time. When I’m making a quick, healthy meal I tend to stick to staples that are easy to prepare. So, I knew this video assignment was one I wanted to do!…

  10. @katelync106

    Weekly Summary 3


    OK, this week was better than I expected. I can honestly say audio is not my favorite technology, but this was better than I thought it would be. I can see why people can have such different views on this week – if you plan to continue on this path …

  11. @katelync106

    what a song means to me


    When I read the requirements for this assignment, I knew immediately that I could choose one of the most famous songs by my favorite bad: Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles.…

  12. @katelync106

    daily create june 4


    I saw this sign all over the Sydney airport and the building I’m staying in. I decided to take a picture of it and give it an Australian touch – add an emu! There was an actual war between emus and the Australians. The emus won. I took this picture …

  13. @katelync106

    moon graffiti


    Imagining if Armstrong and Aldrin had crashed… a sad thought to think about, but very interesting to hear this radio show create an audio of what could have been said/recorded. Saying that all of the sound effects were effective for the storytelling is an understatement.…

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