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  1. @katelync106

    where to?

    There is definitely a difference between not putting yourself out there and lacking confidence. And I’ve been very guilty of not putting myself out there. I’m glad I went to the Career Center and ended up meeting wonderful women who offered...
  2. @katelync106

    what i learned

    From this internship thus far, I’ve learned a few things about myself as well as how to work with people. Time management. This was something I really struggled with when I first got to college. I began to improve my time management skills as I s...
  3. @katelync106

    coffee talks

    One of the ways the Colloquium keeps women connected throughout the year is with monthly coffee talks! Each session centers on a theme with an open discussion. What a great way to stay connected with professional women and have some time to reflect on ...
  4. @katelync106

    moon graffiti

    Imagining if Armstrong and Aldrin had crashed… a sad thought to think about, but very interesting to hear this radio show create an audio of what could have been said/recorded. Saying that all of the sound effects were effective for the storytell...

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