1. kcharlew

    “Reality Hunger: A manifesto” Reply


    CC: dianamajalahti.wordpress.com


    Shields essay “Reality Hunger: A Manifesto: Why The Lyric Essay Is Better Than Fiction” was an interesting read. His careful way of differing between a lyric essay and a fiction was straightforward for the reader to understand. However, his article is bigger than just being a writer. It’s …

  2. kcharlew

    Goals for the video section


    CC: Arkku From Flickr.com

    Making a well created  and quality video has been a goal of mine for years. I want to master the camera. I strive to be able to 

    Find the right frame and angle  Apply the correcting lighting to convey a new story  Use pictures to tell…
  3. kcharlew

    What I did this week part 2


    Well, this week has been one filled with many downs. Many of my responses have been failing to post and have had to be rewritten on numerous occasions. Consequently, the Branding in the digital age article will be after this post. Aside from my high level of irritation, I did …

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    Michigan Radio Review


    Actual Site

    Michigan Radio manages to have a wonderful mix of excitement and business in a professional manner. Like any commercial website they follow many of the same news article formates

    Scroll over drop down options on toolbar Large picture/News article slide show Key articles at the top of the…
  5. kcharlew

    What I did this week!


    I am loving this class so much so far! The professor is entertaining, exciting, and gets one pumped/amped about digital story telling.

    This week I created a blog, called umichedition.com I also commented on others blogs, which were AMAZING!!!

    I created 3 daily creates. Some were strange and others were …

  6. kcharlew

    20 things you can do with a Banana

    slice it  dice it  eat it  peel it  throw it away  recycle it  make pudding  slip on it  use it for art  make kitchen decorations out of it  make it the eyebrows in a picture  use as a pseudo microphone use it in sports games give it a name make…
  7. kcharlew

    The Machine Is Us/ing Us – Response


    In five short minutes Dr. Wesch set out to create a video to visually show and tell the shift of technology from web 1.0 to 2.0. In a delightful play on words he titles this video “the machine is us/ing us.” If you read the machine is using us, then …

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