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    Final Chapter….. Part 2 and Reflections



    This map plots out the first four attacks. Originally thought to be unrelated incidents, as the number continued to grow and eye witness accounts were collected, a much more sinister picture began to emerge as the world began to realize some one or something was targeting the world’s …

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    Final Chapter – part 1


    For my final crisis project, I decided to do a remix on the idea that the world, and DS106 along with it, is ending. The specific apocalyptic viewpoint I’ll be creating is that an unknown source, entity, or villain is killing off superheros across the globe. I’ll convey this story …

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    Weekly Summary 11


    This week had some roller-coasters for me, but once I was on a roll, it all coasted.  – Darn, I’m clever. 

    I started by week trapped in Iceland after a wind storm delayed my return flight by two days. But there are worst places to be trapped and I was …

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    Twitterverse and trolls


    The American people are under attack form the inside out. Russian trolls and bots have taken over the internet are dividing Americans, pitting brother against sister, child against parent. 

    Someone must save the day. Someone must put a stop to this – how do we heal the twitterverse? How do …

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    Head in the Clouds


    I was pretty excited to work on this last project with my new found awesome editing software. I chose to do a variation of the Serenity Now challenge. I listen to guided mediation on YouTube on a regular basis, so that makes be qualify to create one, right? …..Right?  

    Fairly …

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    To the coffee


    After my first stumbling block with Windows Movie Maker, I ran into a brick wall for the my second project, “Where do your shoes take you?” the Window Movie Maker audio component wasn’t working at all. This baffled me, as I had just used the system yesterday without any difficulty, …

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    Now Playing……


    For my first project this week, I chose to create an intro to a movie about my superhero Khatyrka. As some of you might recall, I created a poster for the movie a few weeks back. 

     I’ve now constructed the first scenes of the movie with opening credits. 

    I began …

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    Weekly Summary #10


    It was a new week and I was ready to CRUSH it. After a couple weeks of sub-par work (and living), I was ready to get back in the saddle as they say and hit one out of the ballpark. (I’m sensing a cliche theme here….)

    How to Read a …

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    Day in the life and Poetry


    Day in the life

    This was by far the most enjoyable project this week since I got to document my life experiences. I downloaded Adobe Premiere Clip, which is an awesome video editing application for your phone. This made compiling my videos and adding a soundtrack really easy and convenient. …

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    Video Essay


    Of course this assignment made me nervous. Would I have enough time to learn the logistics of creating a voice-over video? Would I pick a scene that had enough depth and character to analyze? Would the final product be something I could be proud of or something that would just …

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    Life Hack (and video lessons)


    This was my first trial and error video editing. I found Filmora editing software to be a fantastic option for video creation. It works very similarly to Audacity, so the learning curve wasn’t as rough. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the trial version of the software would apply a …

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    Susan B on Social Media


    I chose to create a Facebook and twitter account for Susan B. Anthony. The Facebook page doesn’t look at realistic as I would have liked, as it appears to have to upgrade to a premium account on Class Tools to create an ad free site. It was fun it investigate …

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    Star appeal


    Using x-ray goggles was actually a lot of fun. My storytelling within challenge was a little ambitious. I chose to create a resume on IMDB site. I did not alter any of the linked pages. The most difficult part was removing information from the page. I also learned how to …

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    Weekly Summary


    The past two weeks have been really stressful.

    On a personal note, my dog, Angel passed on the 7th of October. She was 24 years old and I’d had her since I was 19, so for 14 years she was my sole companion. It hit be hard and it was …

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    I’ve been pleasantly surprise how easy the collaboration between most members of the group has been solely through online communication. I live and work in Arlington, so meeting in person wasn’t an option for me. And while online communication made my life easier, it also made me nervous about putting …

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    Weekly Summary #6


    Read/Watch and Reflect

    Design can be used to tell stories a variety of ways. This week in ‘Fast Forward or Rewind,’ I explored Hassna Otsmane-Elhaou’s analyses of design elements used in comics to illustrate inner thoughts, change the mood, convey action, and even create time alteration.

    Creative anomalies …

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    Strike a Pose.


    Ok- I cheated a little on this one. I wasn’t able to get enough photos throughout the week, so I dug into my photo archives.

    I LOVE the cover of this book. At first glance, it looks bold and minimalist, but there is a little more to unpack. This book …

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    Made of Words.


    What makes a person who they are? What shapes you? These were the questions I asked myself when creating a word cloud based on Khatykra. I used WordArt to create the image, and I am very pleased with the results.

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    Write It.


    I’m a fan of minimalism. But I’m also known to occasionally have way too much stuff. What causes this divergence from ideal to reality? The same problem I face when designing something minimalist. I’m enchanted by the concept of clean lines and abstract visuals, but is it too little? Do …

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    Coming Soon



    Creating a movie poster based on Khatyrka, I immediately had the idea to show a woman’s shoulder with a tattoo of a quasi-crystal. The first mission was to find a quasi-crystal image I though would work. While googling for images, I came across some hard mental octagonal die, and thought …

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    Weekly Summary #5


    I have zero experience editing audio. Zero. The closest I’ve ever come to being a sound producer was burning CDs on my desktop with Napster was still a thing. Needless to say, this week’s audio assignments were a challenge for me. The process was slow, sometimes painful, and on a …

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    Sound Construction Site


    So, audio editing is a work in progress for me. I spent a lot of time working on each assignment, only to finally realize I wasn’t going to modern, electronic Mozart on my first try. My pieces aren’t going to sound like what I hear on the radio or at …

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    Rule the World


    A superhero soundtrack was tough on me from a creative perspective. I really didn’t want to do a voice-over because I felt like it fit my character or her story. I didn’t know how I could adequately relay her story in a quick voice-over. Instead, I decided to go a …

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    Can You Hear What I See?


    Have you ever closed your eyes while watching television? Or perhaps, you are like me and have a show tuned on while in another room just out of eyesight?

    In the virtual classroom, we mimicked that experience with a few minor differences. If we missed something or were unable to …

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