1. @lshaikh26

    Spiral design!!


    My participating in the first daily create of the week is about tweeting an image of a spiral. I really liked this idea. When I saw this daily create, I was at home and I could not find anything like that. Later at night, I had a meeting with my …

  2. @lshaikh26

    radio show logo!!


    The name of our radio show is ‘KLLM Radio’ while the topic is ‘Changing the world one origin story at time‘ . This logo explains the theme of our show that we start by the telling the origin of our superhero followed by how our character solves the world/societal problem …

  3. @lshaikh26

    Music using the object at home!!


    The third assignment that I chose to do from the audio bank is about making beautiful music using the objects found in the home. I used two instruments; one is the toy that my mom had bought for my niece long ago, and the second is the bowl in which …

  4. @lshaikh26

    Radio Show Progress


    It took us two days (Monday and Tuesday) to form a group of four people for the radio show. In the beginning, my conversation started with a group member through email, but later, google doc was made to collaborate with the group. Initial ideas were discussed in the google doc, …

  5. @lshaikh26

    Radio Bumper


    We have divided our work for the radio show and one of my tasks is to make an ending radio bumper. It was hard to come up with a background music, but I found one at the free music website at google. I also added the echo effect on the …

  6. @lshaikh26

    Radio Commercial!


    I chose to do the audio assignment of making a radio commercial which we will be using in our radio show. It was little hard to come up with a theme for  the radio show. So I googled the activities calendar of UMW and came up with the list of …

  7. @lshaikh26



    The third daily create at twitter was about posting a video or animation that shows speed. I wanted to dd a little bit of humor in my tweet so I chose this gif which combines the element of speed and the way he falls adds a little bit of humor …

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    I am not a big comic fan, but these YouTube videos opened my eyes on how design elements can be used to grab audience attention and keep their interest alive. I studied ‘Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’ analysis of design elements used in comics. The way Steve Dillion uses body language, facial expressions, …

  9. @lshaikh26

    Design Blitz


    1st design blitz

    The sign is a good example of color. The use of dark background with a font of light color grabs the attention of people. These color combinations are not used because the author/librarian likes this color, but it is used with an intention to grab the attention …

  10. @lshaikh26



    Create a tattoo design that represents your superpower or explains what you would do as a superhero.

    This tattoo best describes my superhero. My superhero has the power to go invisible and this invisibility cloak reflects it.…

  11. @lshaikh26

    Minimalist design!!


    Create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of minimalist design/iconography.

    I used the website of noun project to get this icon and used canva to make this show’s poster. The show is about the doctors who began their career at the medical facility …

  12. @lshaikh26

    Las Vegas Postcard!!


    “Create a destination postcard using any design software of your choice. Start by choosing an image from a location and put some some words over the image just like a postcard.”

    I have not been to Las Vegas and it is one of dream destinations. That is why I used …

  13. @lshaikh26

    Guess the movie!


    “The assignment is to reduce a movie, story, or event into its basic elements, then take those visuals and reduce them further to simple icons, four of them.”

    For this assignment from design bank, I used noun project to find all my desired icons needed to tell a story. After …

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    “You’re a super hero and you have shown us your super powers… but what can bring you down?”

    In my third and last tweet of the week, I posted the picture of sunlight, because Sunlight takes away my superhero’s power of invisibility.

    looses its power of going invisible in …

  15. @lshaikh26

    Moon Graffiti


    Before hearing the announcement that it was a contingency plan, I was astonished to hear that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had suffered a deadline disastrous during landing on the moon. The sound effects were very effective. I made my dad listen to only the first 1 minute and asked …

  16. @lshaikh26

    Radio show idea!


    My idea of the show is that we introduce two or three problems of the world for instance ‘global warming’ and ‘population in the world’ and everyone comes up with a scenario of how their superhero will solve those problems.…

  17. @lshaikh26



    “Try creating a mixtape of your own. Mixtape is broadly defined in this case. It can just be a collection of songs with some theme (genre, etc.), or you can mess with the tracks. You can add a small touch here and there or edit the tracks to your heart’s …

  18. @lshaikh26

    Superhero track!


    Making a superhero track was a challenging task for me. It took me a while to figure out what type of track I wanted to add for my superhero. Since my superhero has the power to go invisible, the sound track of it also reflects the same idea.

    I used …

  19. @lshaikh26



    Live tweeting was a whole new experience for me. Listening to the show for a couple of seconds made me realize that it was about a detective trying to solve a case, like ‘Sherlock’.

    Sound effects were very effective and everything was very clear about what was going on in …

  20. @lshaikh26

    We serve both Coffee and Wine!!


    “Think of a local store in your neighborhood. You’ve been hired to come up with a hand-drawn “We’re Open” sign for them to hang on the front door. Your design should speak to the spirit of the store, and entice passersby to take a peek inside.Tell us about the store. …

  21. @lshaikh26

    Introducing Flashlight


    This was my second tweet in response to a tweet at daily create. I chose the theme of Flashlight and I would say that if I had introduce Flashlight in the town for the very first time. I would introduce Flashlight to be worn as a part of jewelry, …

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