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  1. @madelinewelsh2


    80s trendsHorror Movie Reviews of the 80sBest of 80s musicWhat happened to MTV?80s stars: Where are they now?Do you remember? (80s toys) I think that’s all I got for now. I really like all these ideas, but the ones I like most are horror movi...
  2. @madelinewelsh2

    Audio Reflection

    “Moon Graffiti,” gave me chills. The audio made it seem like I was there in a space station and within the first minute, something goes wrong. My heart was pounding when the voices sounded anxious and hurried. It got very loud and then silence. The lack of audio here even made a difference. It let ... Read moreAudio Reflection
  3. @madelinewelsh2

    Photo Reflection

    I tend to take a lot of photos, especially when I’m traveling somewhere new, hiking, maybe even camping. I like taking pictures of nature to remind myself how gorgeous this world is. I like to focus on lighting, shadows, and perspective mostly to really emphasize a picture. After reading Becoming a Better Photographer, I realized ... Read morePhoto Reflection
  4. @madelinewelsh2

    Weekly Summary

    I’ve found that this class allows a lot of room for creative and I’m very happy about that. Daily creates are always my favorite, but this week’s were a bit funnier and sillier than last week’s. In fact, most of my weekly assignments had a different vibe than before too. My weekly assignments were a ... Read moreWeekly Summary
  5. @madelinewelsh2

    Story Analysis

    So this assignment was a bit more challenging than our usual Daily Creates and Weekly Assignments. It required a lot more thought, understanding, and effort. While I did manage to complete all the readings and videos, I had trouble understanding it all. So, here’s my thoughts on it all and how I brought it all ... Read moreStory Analysis

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