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  1. Downes


    March 5, 2022. This is Kenny Robinson from the rankbvile stand-up comedy show at the Atlantic in Alexandria. The 'Tic is a fun place with decent food, though it was really short-staffed. The comedy was offensive, as it should be, but I've seen far wors...
  2. @Chris_tastrophe

    Video Week… Whew

    Well I made my film debut with Cypherpunk this week – we’ll probably have to shoo the paparazzi away for awhile…     So what were the happenings?   Daily Creates An alien who just happened to be able to soak up fire through his skin. Nice…#tdc2278 #theend106 #ds106 — Christopher Ringham (@Chris_tastrophe) April […]
  3. @Chris_tastrophe

    The Butchering of “28 Days Later”

    A product of the Alt Ending video assignment:   Thoughts This post-apocalyptic film is fairly grotesque and captures the violence behind survival. Few people are your friends, and even friends kill each other when one is exposed to the virus and turning. The concept of family is one of the most prevalent motifs seen throughout […]
  4. @Chris_tastrophe

    Guess I’m Done Hoarding my Music Creations Now…

    Play DJ & Make a Song I’ve created several songs, but never posted any publicly. Here’s the first! Let’s make it go viral (psych) – I hope you enjoy:   Behind the Process Not the first song I’ve made, but probably one of the quickest I’ve turned out. I used FL Studio to produce it, […]
  5. @Chris_tastrophe

    *Image*ination Week

    This week was the beginning of our visual unit – good news for you, there’s not a lot of reading ahead.   So, what went down?   My Daily Creates To start, my roommate made heart-eyes at me this week: @ds106dc I’m grateful for my roommate, @zimmermvn, because he gets me outside, makes me look […]
  6. @Chris_tastrophe

    No, I Was Not Sponsored

    Nerf™ Zombie Strike Sidestrike Blaster Okay, let’s drop the bullshit, nothing will help you survive the apocalypse except this product. Everything else is garbage’s garbage. Seriously, don’t waste your time, just buy it now and thank me later – hurry up, it’ll be in high demand after my customer review: If you’re still reading, I’ll […]

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