1. Ha-Suk Shin



    tdc34 on the human hand. A detailed hand of the human hand lines is what came to mind for me.

  2. yuka73cis

    TDC tatoo


    ogiwara, a photo by yukamohi on Flickr.

    The assignment for today is to take your own or someone else’s cool tatoo.

    I do not have my own tatoo so I’d like to introduce someone else’s tatoo.
    Her name is Ogiwara Momoko??????. She is working as a fashion designer, a …

  3. yuka73cis

    TDC human hand


    , a photo by yukamohi on Flickr.

    The assignment for today is to take a photo that emphasizes the detail of human hand.

    I really love to go to nail salon. Unfortunately, I cannot do it now because of my part time job…….
    I went to nail salon for my …

  4. yuka73cis

    TDC confusion


    , a photo by yukamohi on Flickr.

    This is yesterday’s assignment that is to take photo of confusion.

    When I and my friends went to eat dessert at Egg’s things, this dessert made me confused.
    I like eating dessert but I do not like eating too much dessert. It was …

  5. Clio



    Today’s Daily Create is….

     Take a picture of confusion

    I quickly sketched a face I do when I’m confused

  6. Ha-Suk Shin

    tdc 32


    For todays daily create i chose money and i think it is self explanatory. I want money and lots of it.

  7. hung

    Visual Assignments “Splash The Color”



    I’m a huge fan of sashimi, especially salmon sashimi and salmon eggs! Thus, I always target these particular sushi before start eating lol

    I used a photo that was taken in a sushi restaurant in Asakusa. Last year, my friend came visit Tokyo from …

  8. yuka73cis

    TDC happiest or most memorable photo


    Today’s assignment is to represent the happiest or most memorable moment in my life!!!!
    I could not choose only one picture so I want to share these pictures.
    These cakes in the pictures are that I received from my boyfriend and friends for my birthday last year.
    I thought I …

  9. hung

    DS 106 Assignment “Really Reality TV”


    Concept: We find that the reality shows and documentaries are interesting because they are not totally made up. Every single body on this earth must have a story to tell. Life is just like a reality show, everyone is an actor. No matter you like the story line or not, …

  10. Ha-Suk Shin



    Saw thing at the supermarket and bought it a few days ago because of memories.. but it doesn’t taste as good as it use too…

  11. Ha-Suk Shin



    house is so small and doesn’t really have anything to lose but if i had to choose one it would be here?…

  12. Alex

    Daily Create tdc31


    Japan Disaster US MiIitary, a photo by layzlay24 on Flickr. U.S. Marine Sgt @$%# Lay, 23, second left, of Philadelphia, Pa., leads U.S. soldiers as they unload hardware to install hot showers at a makeshift shelter for displaced residents from the massive tsunami, Saturday, March 26, 2011 in Higashi…
  13. Alex

    Fuji Rock Fest


    Fuji Rock Fest, a photo by layzlay24 on Flickr.

    Daily Create- Upside down photo
    Via Flickr:
    This was a picture taken at the Fuji Rock Fest ”09, in Naeba, Japan. It’s a good picture right side up, but even better seeing it upside down. By the way, the Fuji …

  14. Stephanie Jacobs

    A Nerd’s Life Challenge


    Last fall, I took a fascinating course on British Fantasy Writing taught by a very cool dude, Matthew Sangster.  He worked at the British Library in London and instructed on the side, but this is slightly drifting off course.

    The British Library had an amazing Sci-Fi exhibition in the early …

  15. Ha-Suk Shin



    Recent hype of an Asian-American player being able to play guard in the NBA.
    Had to post his picture and root for him!

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