1. @mayrapelayo6

    Top Ten List

    There has been many books I have read this semester. Some of these books have definitely made it to the top ten list. Check out the different themes! Top ten Newbery and or Caldecott books… More
  2. @mayrapelayo6

    Mock Caldecott

    Well, on my previous blog (on December 2nd) about caldecott awards, I forgot to mention the three books I would like to read out of the list of nominees. As I scrolled through the list,… More
  3. @mayrapelayo6

    Mock Caldecott

    Critical thinking skills are definitely used when choosing Mock Caldecott books. But the question is, how do you choose proper books that will fit the whole class and what is the procedure? Reading, evaluating, and… More
  4. @mayrapelayo6

    What Am I Reading?

    I have continued with my reading on the book, To Be a Slave, by Julius Lester. I am definitely enjoying this book as the ex-slaves re-tell their harsh stories and everything they had to endure before… More

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