1. @mayrapelayo6

    Why do we blog?

    I had never heard about Kidlitosphere, and let alone what the name means. As I browsed at the website, I was excited to see how many teachers, librarians, authors, and illustrators are sharing their own… More
  2. John Johnston


    #tdc2034 Today be on the lookout for your one tree! Prerequisites, you need ffmpeg installed. I did that with Homebrew . In Photos app. search from Tree, this works pretty well. Export all the photos to a folder. You need to rename all the photos to be sequential, 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg etc. So open the terminal … Continue reading "#tdc2034"
  3. dogtrax

    Making Stuff for the 30 Day Daily Create Challenge

    The DS106 Daily Create hit 2,000 prompts yesterday, and I had Sideshow Bob flip out in a gif. I’ve been doing the Daily Create for some time now. It’s part of my early morning routine — read the news, check email, scan the hashtags, write a blog post and do the Daily Create. It’s always a […]
  4. John Johnston


    I think some pictures seem to make less sense than text. #ds106 #tdc1974 #tdc30day 60000 random points pic.twitter.com/czhqHtzZzc — john johnston (@johnjohnston) June 5, 2017 Got out my minimal processing skills for this one. there are 60000 d...

UMW Spring 2024 (Bond & Groom)

Welcome to Paul Bond and Jim Groom’s Spring 2024 ds106

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