1. @Carrie F.

    Radio Show Progress


    Our radio show group members are Elijah, Jasmyne, Kendra, Elizabeth and me. So far, we have decided to discuss the topic of social media and its affects (good and bad). We have shared a Google doc and have assigned roles in there. Also, we have created a Discord group chat …

  2. @Carrie F.

    Already Time for this Again??


    This week, had been quite a challenge for me. I had been stuck trying to complete and study for midterms all week. However, I am happy to have learned how to use and create new audio sounds and create some beats. I am happy to learn how to use new …

  3. @Carrie F.

    Radio Bumper


    This is my first time ever creating a Radio Bumper and I have to say that I was very nervous do this. I had to re-record my voice so many times. I am someone that does not enjoy hearing their voice after being recorded but as I figured out what …

  4. @Carrie F.

    DS106 Radio


    Unfortunately, I was not able to participate in DS106 radio. Due to my conflicting schedule with my classes and work, I was unable to make it in to listen to everyone’s bumper. However, if we ever get the chance to do this again, I would love to participate share some …

  5. @Carrie F.

    Come Relax with Me!


    I attempted the All the Relaxation assignment. In this challenge, we were tasked with putting some relaxing audio sounds together. For this assignment, I used the Snowfall audio, the ocean waves audio and the heavy rain audio. All of these sounds put together really and truly make me feel so …

  6. @Carrie F.

    Maybe a Sick Beat?


    For this post, I took on the challenge of making a sick beat. Like I have stated before in one of my posts, I have never really had to really listen and put beats together to make it sound decent. I have experience with playing instruments like piano, violin and …

  7. @Carrie F.

    Bike Ride in the Park!


    For the Sound Effects Story assignment, I decided to put together some audio sound effects to make it seem like one was taking a ride through the park. For this assignment, I imported sounds of a bicycle riding, children/adults talking and playing in the park, a dog barking, snowfall calming …

  8. @Carrie F.

    Radio Idea


    For the Radio Show idea, I think it would be a good idea to do discuss language acquisition or the the difference between Spanish or English. I feel like not enough people know about the language acquisition process and Linguistics in general. Language acquisition is an art in itself. From …

  9. @Carrie F.

    Little Sounds


    I mean, have you ever watched a movie without sound? It helps the tempo and pace of a film. For instance, think about thriller movies. I believe that they use sound to increase one’s anxiety. Listening to noises or sounds most definitely can change the mood. Say if one was …

  10. @Carrie F.

    Week 6 Down


    This week has been pretty busy for me and I am sure others as well! However, I was able to complete everything on time this week! I actually enjoyed creating these design assignments this week. I learned that there was more to graphic design than just creating a bunch of …

  11. @Carrie F.

    DesignBlitz Challenge


    One day this week, I went out to take photos of what I thought would fit four of the ten categories for our design challenge. The first photo I snapped is of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Madison County. This photo fits the Color category. The sun us setting in …

  12. @Carrie F.

    Piano Night!


    For this assignment, I have created a potential upcoming event! I selected a template on Canva and created a flyer for a possible event coming up. Let me know if you can make it or what your thoughts are on the flyer I created!

  13. @Carrie F.

    Animal Who?


    I attempted the Honest Video Game Covers Assignments! I really had to think about what game I felt had one of the most deceptive titles. So, I chose to change the Animal Crossing game. I feel that Animal Crossing title should really be called “Fish and Dig for Fossils” because …

  14. @Carrie F.

    Tea Time!


    I attempted the Promotional Flyer Assignment. I decided to promote a tea gathering for tea lovers. To create my flyer, I used Canva! I selected a template that was cute and easy to fool around with. Please ket me know if you will be attending! …

  15. @Carrie F.

    No Place Like Home!


    I decided to attempt the Favorite Movie Quote Assignment! For this assignment, I chose my favorite line and photo from my favorite movie, the Wizard of Oz. I chose this photo because, it reminds me of a happy family and how Dorothy and her friends stuck together through thick and …

  16. @Carrie F.

    Kidd Designer


    Honestly, when I first hear the word graphic design, my mind automatically thinks of like interior designing or create some type of logos for companies. However, after reading this article, I understand that it is used as a strategy for problem solving. I have not really taken the time to …

  17. @Carrie F.

    What Makes You Beautiful


    Choose your favorite musician, and then head to Youtube and pick one of their videos to make an animated gif of. Try to use the best quality video possible, preferably HD.

    For this assignment, I was able to select my favorite musician, or in this case, musicians. If you know …

  18. @Carrie F.

    Blowing Chunks :(


    I have selected to do the Been There assignment from animated gif bank. For this assignment, I have created a gif from the movie “Pitch Perfect.” I have chosen this specific scene from the movie due to an old and embarrassing moment I had back in Middle School. In Middle …

  19. @Carrie F.

    Best Sports Play Ever!


    I remember watching this during the College Softball Series back in June. In my opinion, this was one of the best plays I have seen. It is not easy to catch the ball, set your feet, and make a good throw to get the lead runner out. I can only …

  20. @Carrie F.

    Premie Celebration


    For this assignment, I had to create a gif of a person “celebrating too early.” Typically, when I think of someone celebrating too early, I tend to think of athletes. However, I feel that choosing an athlete for this gif assignment would be expected. So, I decided to research people …

  21. @Carrie F.

    Increasing my Skills!


    In keeping with the your story/our story theme, use photos you have taken, or photos you have, as much as you can, but focus on how the images function as photographs rather than your personal connection to the subjects or events. How many of the points below can you find? How do …

  22. @Carrie F.

    What Am I?


    For this Visual Assignment, I was given the task to name this flower. After some deliberation, I have decided to call this flower Aurelia due to the flowers coloring. Aurelia means golden, which is why I think the name is fitting for this flower. …

  23. @Carrie F.

    Pictures Speak Louder than Words!


    Realistically, I do not have much experience taking photos. I mean, if you count screenshots as me taking photos, I take plenty of photos. I typically use the portrait mode setting if I attempt to take a decent/professional-looking photo with my phone. When looking at the limited photos that I …

  24. @Carrie F.



    The Photoblitz challenge was very interesting to say the least. I definitely think my creativity and my photography skills increased. To me, perspective and interpretation were key elements in completing these tasks. I definitely enjoyed being able to kind of step out of the box and just be creative while …

  25. @Carrie F.

    Finally Settling


    Overall, this week was much better than the past couple of weeks. I finally can say that I am settling in to a routine for this course. This week I was able to keep up with the Daily Creates! I really enjoyed the “show your shoes” create.

    Riddle me this; …

  26. @Carrie F.

    Pitch Perfect Analysis


    I have chosen to do my story analysis on Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect is a musical comedy that was first introduced in 2012. I liked the pacing of the movie. It was not too fast or too slow. The characters were awesome, even the antagonists were enjoyable. It was never …

  27. @Carrie F.

    Mommy Dearest!


    In case I have not said it enough, Thank you. You have been there for me from the beginning, and you continue to be a positive, supportive force in my life. I have tried to imagine a time in my life when you were not there with a ready smile …

  28. @Carrie F.

    Hello, Carrie!


    Dear Carrie,

    I imagine you are sitting comfortably sipping a refreshing beverage on the deck with a view of a beautiful, floral backyard. The work week was challenging but rewarding. A smile flits across your face as you think about your healthy bank account with the recent addition of that …

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