1. @CatyWarner

    Helga Schwarz: A Brief Introduction

    Schwarz and her usual cold stare

    Some may say they know of Helga Schwarz, others have just heard chilling stories about the baking/killing goddess. In her prime, no one else was like her. Born during the height of the Cold War on Christmas Day, 1948, Schwarz had come out with …

  2. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #2


    Ahhh, what a week it has been. It’s really gone by fast, with school in full swing with all my classes. This week I got to peruse around the assignment bank and choose three things to create. For this, I chose a couple of things on the easier side, just …

  3. @CatyWarner

    Crack the Code



    When I was a kid, I thought it was cool that my (white) father and (Korean) mother would speak Korean to one another when they were talking about something that they didn’t want us knowing. I wanted a way to talk to my sister that was like …

  4. @CatyWarner

    No Place I’d Rather Be


    Ahhh, it’s so nice to be so relaaaaaxed. What’s relaxing to me, you ask? Well that’s simple! There are only a handful of places that I feel so at ease. Just like softened butter. I made a collage about it, in honor of the assignment about Places of Peace.

    What …

  5. @CatyWarner



    Let me first start out with saying that I ADORE HAIKUS.


    I used to work at a place called Phonathon, and I would make Haikus for all of the people that worked there, all the moods I had during work, and how hungry I was. I got …

  6. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #1


    This week, I had my first “mission” in the form of digital storytelling assignments. It wasn’t too terrible…but there were a couple things that are out of my usual area of expertise. Soundcloud? The heck?

    Other than that, social media is easy. Being a millennial really sets you up for …

  7. @CatyWarner

    Allow me to introduce myself.


    Hi there.

    I’m Caty.

    I’d like to think my life is pretty simple. I am a psychology major at UMW, and I am also in the education program. I’m a senior, so I am ALMOST DONE (speaking of, I just got reminded of this lovely post from my mother 4 …

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