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  1. @jollykyles

    DS106 Radio Show

    Last night’s radio show was pretty interesting. I’ll compile some of my favorite tweets from last night. #ds106 — Lilian Perez (@lgperez19) February 14, 2020 #ds106 #ds106radio The repetition of "green" in the background and the vibrating bass gives a creepy overtone — Connor McClain (@ConnorM35842492) February 14, 2020 Vanishing what?? #ds106 — Kyle … Continue reading "DS106 Radio Show"
  2. @jollykyles

    Radio Bumper

    I was asked to create a 20-30 second radio bump that would be used in-between songs or podcasts or some other audio form to remind the listener what they tuned in to. This is what I ended up creating (It’s big yikes):
  3. @jollykyles


    Start: Merge: Light Source: Grid Pattern: Finish: This was a very fun assignment. I did not get far, but it was fun to create these images with different items in the room and also being quick with photoshop ...
  4. @jollykyles

    6 Underground – A Netflix Original Review

    WARNING: There are spoilers. I suggest that you watch the movie, then compare with my review. If you are someone who is into fast cars, live-action stunts, guns and chaos, this movie may be for you. 6 Underground, a movie directed by the famous movie director, Michael Bay, is probably my favorite Netflix original of … Continue reading "6 Underground – A Netflix Original Review"
  5. @jollykyles

    Another Day…

    In my time living in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I haven’t actually taken time to pick apart its beauty. It’s a large, historic city that hugs the rough Rappahannock River. It is filled with welcoming neighbors who, unlike many cities, actually make an effort to acknowledge your presence. Its downtown restaurants excite the inner foodie in me. … Continue reading "Another Day…"
  6. @jollykyles

    Week 2

    What a crazy week! I can’t believe it has only been two weeks. This week, in particular, has been a rough one. On top of this class, I have three 400-level computer science courses and intermediate Spanish. The free time I have is extremely limited so I certainly fell behind this week. I foolishly failed … Continue reading "Week 2"

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