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  1. amiddlet50

    Space, walking and non-verbal communications #activelearning

    Learning walks are valuable conversational spaces. They tend to be non-confrontational and, for me, epitomise co-operative learning. Not only do they feel familiar spaces exemplifying a networked paradigm as people move naturally between small groups through the course of semi-structured … Continue reading
  2. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Intriguing Stuff In Abkhasia: Words Begin With ‘A’

    Wikipedia image: Apsua Holding Apsny Flag, by Apsuwara - CC-Licensed BY-SA

    I love languages and and here I want to talk a bit about how huge and weird can be the world of languages, also in the sense that it has produced really strange stuff. I stumbled into the Abkhasian language (spoken … Continue reading

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  3. @

    Listening to the Spring Rain and Wikipedia

    So far in 2018, the second Monday evening of the month is technology night at the Western Institute for Social Research (WISR). In my new (volunteer) position as Learning Technologist, I suggested this ongoing event to help the faculty and administration improve their digital skills as they transition to an online accredited institution. For our […]
  4. @

    Here we go again! Taking Year 2 of Networked Narratives for a spin!

    What The Heck Kind of Course is This? At the core this is a bonafide on the ground course in Networked Narratives at Kean University, with registered students who will spend some time each week in a classroom. Last year it was co-taught by Mia Zamora at Kean join via the interwebs by Alan Levine […]

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