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  1. @ymartine4

    Changing Fortunes- Assignment Bank #2

    The second assignment bank fortune I chose was to go to a fortune cookie generator that would generate a random fortune for you and create a story using that fortune provided. I used the website for creating a random fortune. The one I received was… What I am going to do for this story …

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  2. @rachelds106

    bucket list inspo

    I’ve been working on my bucket list for about a year now, and even though there’s a decent (and typical) amount of things on it, I figure this will never be an exhaust of list because I’m always coming up with things that I want to do, and even sometimes I fail to write things down. I wonder how many times I’ve mentally told myself I really want to do or experience something, and then forget to take note of it…tragic! I keep the list in the note app on my phone, because what’s a better way to store snippets of my ideas than with something that I always have glued to my side. I think if I lost my phone, I’d mostly be disappointed mainly because of everything I keep in my notes and then the photos. Perhaps for most people it would be the latter, but my notes consist of my thoughts, ideas, dreams (both actual dreams I’ve had while sleeping and those I want in life), things I want to buy or need in the future and so much more…it would be like losing a limb. Regardless of this, I’m letting you take a peek at my bucket list because I’m proud of it, I’ve included the items I’ve already done, and I’m hoping it can inspire you too. P.S. – […]
  3. @CRLunn

    Assignment Bank 1

    For this particular assignment I let my squirrel-like attention span lead the way. While scrolling though the “Fanfic Assignments” when a Bob’s Burger’s writing prompt caught my attention . As Bob’s Burgers is one of my favorite shows so I couldn’t resist that particular writing activity, and really, who doesn’t love a good erotic Friend …

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