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  1. rowan_peter (Rowan Peter)

    AI106, DS106 & GITS – it’s about friendship and love

    Discovering AI106 (DS106) was running again in 2024 gave me pause for thought. My pause wasn’t just on its theme of artificial intelligence or the Week 1 assignment of getting some inspiration by watching AI related films or reading AI-themed fiction, but also Paul Bond’s Ghosts of future past blog post. You had me at … Continue reading AI106, DS106 & GITS – it’s about friendship and love ?
  2. @Katie___Donovan

    Assignment Bank week 10

    I created short videos with three shots from Avengers: Infinity War. I replaced the middle shot to give each video a different meaning. I always thought Peter’s reaction was funny, so I decided to replace the original clip with another scene. In this scene, Thor was talked about in the totally opposite way.
  3. @Becca82037979


    The 3-game battle for the Commander-in-Chiefs trophy begins with Air Force and Navy this Saturday, the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. Players, Coaches and Fans are all gearing up for an emotional, hard fight this weekend in Annapolis, Maryland. Not only will Saturdays game pay respects to our fallen troops and US citizens but it will …
  4. @eendip

    Weekly Summary

    Honestly, I did more this week in preparing for this course than I expected. Although, I didn’t really know what to expect as far as what we’d be doing to start things off. To me, the learning curve for creating the blog site, embedding social content and pages, adding different plugins was a bit steep....
  5. @eendip


    Welcome to my blog. My name is Elijah but my best friends call me Afro because it used to be a part of my Xbox gamertag when I first met them. Born and raised (partly in NC) in Virginia, I am a 23-year-old senior at the University of Mary Washington. Majoring in Business Administration, I...
  6. @mto_morgan

    Week 1 Summary

    As we are just getting started, I have mainly just followed the steps to getting this blog up and running. I have created soundcloud, youtube/google, instagram, and twitter accounts to post my creations with. One problem I ran into is that wordpress does not embed instagram links so I think I will make the switch to flickr and see if […]
  7. @mto_morgan

    (Y)our Story

    I think this theme can be used now more than ever. As we are in uncertain times right now, sharing and listening to everyone’s stories will hopefully inspire others to push through and come out the other side a brighter person. 2020 was a rough year for me as I lost relatives, had a severe broken leg, and it was […]
  8. @Becca82037979

    20 Questions to Bring You and Your Quarentine Buddy Closer

    As the end of COVID-19 quarentine is finally in sight, many people are sick and tired of their significant other or family members that they have been stuck with over the past few months. If you are feeling this way towards one or many of your quarentine partners I recommend sitting down and asking them …

    Continue reading "20 Questions to Bring You and Your Quarentine Buddy Closer"

  9. @lindshendric

    Summary Post Midweek #1

    Below are all of the posts I have made on the four different Social Media Accounts! in a new tab) Here is my post about setting up my website and posts! Lastly here is my post about customizing… Continue Reading…
  10. @V20Kai

    Week 1 Summary

    Three weeks into returning to to my home country after being abroad for a whole four months, and let me tell you–the adjustment process has still been a bit rough. However, although this first week has been hectic and creating accounts, introducing myself, and trying to wrap my mind around this 80s theme chewed at […]
  11. @camowalker22

    Week 1: Weekly Summary

    I learned how to set up a website from scratch. I thought embedding all the social media accounts wouldn’t be too hard but they were frustrating. The easiest part of all of this was making all the social media accounts. What drove me crazy was trying to figure out how to run wordpress, I still…

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