1. @MentalWalkabout

    Thoughts on 80’s Pop Culture


    I have very strong feelings toward the 80’s and the impact that 80’s pop culture had on our present. So many things from that time period seem so iconic, retro, or classic. It really set up a space for being a creative individual and spreading those ideas to the populace. …

  2. @danielleerika4

    DS 106 Things


    What do you think of the theme?

    This introduction to the theme for this semester has me on edge as to how were going to dive into it and utilize it to guide our learning experience.

    Are there examples of it that you particularly like?

    I loved all the examples …

  3. @DenaliRoberts

    “What does the 80s mean to you”


    The 80s is my childhood my mother made us listen to every single 70s and 80s, one-hit- wonders, soundtracks and singles from 8 hour car rides or something to listen to while we clean. We listened to it all. And in her mind “we are better for it!”

    The 80s …

  4. @MonicaG71488057

    “What do the 80’s mean to us today?”


    When I hear the phrase “The 80s,” the most current thing that pops into my head is the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things. This amazing series is set in the time frame of the 80s and presents tons of 80’s pop culture and trends. After watching the show I felt …

  5. @megds106

    On The 80s


    Like most eras, the 80s are painted to be a blast. Fun fashion, rockin’ music, brand new amazing movies, and care-free teens. We romanticize the 80s and compress it into a modern aesthetic. I mean, look at all of the things from the 80s that are coming back! There are …

  6. @ds106_mckayla

    THE 80’s !


    The 80’s were known for their dancing, music taste, which was mostly rock, and their extreme fashion. Hair was a BIG thing, everyone had a head full of hair and usually a foot high. Getting perms and dues were a major to do in the 80’s.

    There are so many …

  7. @jupiter_pop



    There’s been a growing trend recently, and that’s this sudden, (or maybe not so sudden) re-emergence of 80’s pop culture. Even looking around campus I can’t help but notice those who are wearing 80’s inspired fashion. (Not me- 90’s bell bottoms for life, man). All of this seems to have …

  8. @MorganNebel

    What do the 80’s mean to today?


    The 80’s

    I am not super familiar with the 80’s, so I am excited to learn more about it! I just started the Netflix docuseries “The Eighties” today! I am hoping that this will catch me up and to be more informed for this course.

    History has always been an …

  9. @abbcass100

    Being Raised in the 80’s


    To start off with, no I was not actually born in the 80’s, I was born in 1998. However, my parents grew up in that time and while they did adapt with the times, they still kept a foot in the 80’s. By the time I was 5 years old, …

  10. @lper0581

    80’s pop culture thoughts


    “What do the 80s mean to today?” is a difficult question for someone who can only know the 80’s through movies music and reminents of a past they didn’t live through. Personally, my parents, like many others I’m sure, were big “80’s people” and played 80’s music through my youth. …

  11. @butterball_4567

    80’s Theme


    The 80’s was a period of rapid change where music videos revolutionized the music and entertainment industry. Cell phones were the next big thing as technology boomed and started to become an integral part of people’s lives. Television became a more prominent part of peoples lives with the monumental introduction …

  12. @njchic16

    The 80’s still relevant?


    The overall theme from the 80’s seems to be the changing of social norms and what is acceptable. According to the Netflix documentary the 80’s a lot has changed. This was a generation that was raised with televisions in the home to watch and the losing of the fireside chats …

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