1. @taractaonline

    The Thirsty Baby Dinos


    We have been listening to the story of the Thirsty Crow since we were kids. The moral conclusion of the story is really great that emphasizes on thinking out of the box and finding new solutions. In my story that stars a Dino Mummy and her two kids is about …

  2. @tyler_gimple

    Final Project

    The Life and Times of Joe McSleazy: What Kind of Character is He? American Hero, Visionary, or Just a Huckster?

    You all know the type. Wicked smart and clever, sometimes too clever for his own good. He always has an angle on everything – how to get ahead in life, …

  3. @paceamorebella

    The Journey Has Just Begun…


        Samena Patel was born in New Delhi, India on June 14, 1990. When she was only two years old, her family decided to move to New York City and start a new life. She had a great childhood, filled with love and adventure. Since she was raised Hindi, her parents …

  4. @RichBarnes106

    The Yubinator (DS106 Final Project)


    Hi everyone, my name is Yub. I am an Ewok that has starred in numerous Whackbag Films projects and a little movie called Return of the Jedi! I love two things in life, sandwiches and Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I decided it was time to pursue my dream and see if …

  5. @byernatalie

    *Grand Finale*


    As I have gotten to reflect over the course of this class, I’ve realized just how much I have grown and my skills have improved. My video editing ability alone has gotten so much better than it was when I started. I feel like I’ve become so much more open …

  6. @byernatalie

    Viva La Panama!


    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Natalie. Her mother was born in Panama and her father was born in America, as she had been as well. When she grew older, Natalie learned about her mother’s heritage and that it meant that she was half Panamanian and half …

  7. @byernatalie



    Though I didn’t follow the exact constraints of this assignment, I was definitely inspired by it! I knew I wanted to sing a song in Spanish (even though I shouldn’t torture anyone with that) for my story because my mother always sang and I thought it was a great …

  8. @starfirego



    I  guess this is it the last post for ds106 I feel that I have tremendous bless to have taken this class and blessed with such knowledge for the future.


    This week to the “Gif” were pretty challenging because I had forgotten most of the steps that it takes. …

  9. @CieraCentral

    The Key


    Dear New York Times,

    Hey there, my name is Paige and for a long time I believed I was just another ordinary woman that nothing interesting ever happened to. I lived a normal life up until my mother died when I was just starting college. We weren’t very close after …

  10. @byernatalie

    More Than Just A “Gringa”


    I picked this assignment from the Design bank because I thought it weaved into my Final Project narrative nicely. I think if I had anything to suggest or provide a “how-to” it would be for discovering or even reclaiming culture or identity that has been lost because you were born …

  11. @byernatalie

    All The Lovely Ladies


    If you have never seen a pollera, I suggest you do because they are such a beautiful cultural item for Panama. They primarily consist of a white dress adorned with gold jewelry and an accent of a color of the woman’s choice. Two polleras are never the same, as each …

  12. @byernatalie

    You Gotta Bring It On


    I have loved all the Bring It On movies since I was young. I was a cheerleader once, believe it or not, so these movies really spoke to my peppy soul at the time. I remember them fondly, so even when the new ones came out, I would still watch …

  13. @starfirego



    Buddy the dolphin was a lovable and dependable dolphin who lived off the coast of California. He was loved by many and at one point he was at the top of the food chain (if you know what I mean).  He was more intelligent then any other dolphin in his …

  14. @CieraCentral

    Spoiler Alert


    I knew what I wanted my plot twist to be for my final project and I thought I was going to have to make my own assignment for this, but luckily I found Missing Person. We have all seen a missing persons ad, as sad as that is. So …

  15. @CieraCentral

    Paige the psych student life in 5 gifs


    (Heads up: apparently I have ugly hands and can’t make a bed.)

    Anyways, this isn’t about me, this is about Paige the psych-major-turned-RN. She is my main character for my final project and as a RN these are her duties: laundry, making bed, doling out medication, making meals, and bathing …

  16. @byernatalie

    To Inspire Some Hope


    For the visual segment of my final project, I was inspired by this assignment to remix President Obama’s famous campaign photo. His says “Hope” and mine says “Identity” because my story deals heavily with issues of identity. I also wanted to do a mixture of the American and Panamanian flag …

  17. @starfirego



    I definitely feel like I am  wanted …not in a good way either

    I am so glad this is my next to last assignment. It is from the Design Assignments, Missing Person assignment (4 stars). This took more time then I thought it would my biggest hold up was trying …

  18. @kerauch8

    Advertisement for Open House!


    The full assignment is linked and listed in its entirety below:

    Create a poster for an up coming event. This assignment is worth 4 stars.

    I wanted to choose a broad assignment to be able to create whatever I needed to for this assignment. This open-ended advertisement let me do …

  19. @CieraCentral

    Spooky sounds Part Two


    So I decided to make my final project creepy so I did Spooky Sounds which is similar to the Sound Effects Story I did before, but this one is specifically spooky! Only thing I really did differently this time was I remembered how to actually do this assignment, I made …

  20. @starfirego

    Creating Camp Poster


    I this visual assignment Creating Camp Posters  (4 stars) I learned how to take poster making to the next level. This poster is special because I am created for my story. First I googled “space” pictures using google.

    I then took a screenshot and of the image, and opened it …

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