1. @kevinds106

    Animated GIF Tutorial


    This inclusion in my multimedia story was thanks to the GIF assignments we had to complete during the design week of the class. I thought it would be neat to take a critical line from my story and add a bit more impact to it by making it into an …

  2. @kevinds106

    Final Story: The Chicken Coop


    “Tonight’s a special night. Marv, why don’tchya git a chicken fer supper?” Uncle Clyde leaned back in his chair, muttering between sips of gin. Marvin, a scrawny boy of approximately 5 feet 7 inches, stared blankly out the backdoor. He looked over the cracked land, wind howling through the lonesome …

  3. @sguptaauthor

    An Unusual Valentine


    The Valentine design assignment asks us to

    Create you very own Valentines Day cards. Go ahead and make a funny spoof valentine that would make people laugh! Use at least one image and modify it in some way to create a cool effect. Afterwards, go ahead and send that baby …

  4. @sguptaauthor

    Looking out the Window


    I was inspired by the Time of Day visual assignment to make this piece for my story.


    To make it, I first took several pictures from my window, just like the protagonist of my story painted. Then I applied a filter to make the photos look like paintings.…

  5. @sguptaauthor

    Soundtrack of the Mind


    I combined the audio assignments Sound Effects and Poetry Reading, which respectively say:

    This is a short and simple assignment. Most everyone uses freesound for various audio assignments, but sometimes, you cannot find quite what you are looking for. This assignment is to upload your own sound or sound …

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