1. beauty_b_

    How would you describe Storytelling?


    When I think of storytelling the first few things that pop up in my mind are usually a group of people gathered around in a circle, someone in the middle of that group (the storyteller), and the nighttime, beds, and flashlights. These things pop up in my mind because when …

  2. beauty_b_

    The Last Week of Bootcamp! Thank God!


    So today I officially just finished my last week of Bootcamp and I cannot express enough about how happy I am to be done with it!

    For the most part the first few assignment that we were assigned to do this week were easy. I say that due to the …

  3. beauty_b_

    Trying to learn how to Embed a Youtube Video


    I decided to see if I could figure out how to embed a youtube video into my blog. I chose to use a video off of Youtube about how to make a Fishtail braid since I’ve been interested in trying one out. So here we go! Hope this first time …

  4. beauty_b_

    Trying to despertly figure everything out!!!!


    I’m just simply doing this post so that I can get a feel for how everything works. I seem to be getting the hang of it. It is a bit diffcult at first, but slowly I’m getting there! So hopely by the end of the night everything will be crystal …

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