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    The One-Man Play


    For this Audio Assignment I chose to do a scene from a Broadway play my high school drama teacher introduced me to called In the Heights. I chose to do the scene when Nina is coming home and trying to figure out how to explain to her parents that she …

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    Suess It!- Cat in the Hat


    For this Audio Assignment I recorded myself reading Cat in Hat on SoundCloud. Since I didn’t have my original Cat in the Hat book with me I had to read the a copy of it off of Google Books. An since I used Google Books it would only let me …

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    Jingle Jangle – The Perfect Cream!


    Here is a little Jingle I made about a cream that would work for EVERY problem! Literally!

    For this assignment I first wrote out a little jingle about this imaginary cream that could basically be used to cure/fix any problem. I then recorded myself singing my Jingle on SoundCloud and …

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    And that’s a Wrap! The Despicables Radio Show


    Off my suggestion my group chose to go with the Autumn theme for our Radio Show and off of Shalini’s/ Puja’s suggestion we chose to interview different people asking them questions based on this theme. My group mostly communicated through emails, but we did meet up two times at Shalini’s …

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    Design, Design, and Once More…Design!


    This week we were required to do 15 stars worth of Design Assignments.

    Here is my first assignment (worth 2 stars and the requirement this week) Ds106 Radio:

    For this Assignment I simply used the Program Paint and Microsoft Word. I just copied and pasted different images that I got …

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    Not the Safari on you Iphone! This is Design Safari!


    This week in DS106 in all about Design! One of our first assignments this week was too spend some time updating our knowledge on design concepts and then applying 4 out of the 10 major design elements into four photos. For my four photos I choose to to rhythm, proportion, …

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    Daily Creates for Week 6


    Here are all of my Daily Creates for this week!

    My first daily create one was adding crazy effects to one of my favorite songs. (Beyonce-Why Don’t You Love Me) I basically used the program Audicity and played around with a few things and decided to use the Reverse effect …

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    Draw It!


    For this Visual Assignment I we were asked to use a previous photo that we have taken and make a sketch of that photo.

    Inspiration: I choose to use a photo that I took in France of a statue that I thought was really cool. I statue is of Trident …

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    Pimp My Flickr!


    For my Best Set on Flickr I chose a couple of photos that I have taken that are my favorites. The story that I am trying to convey with them is that they are my favorite photos because they capture some aspect of beauty. Whether the photo is just a …

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    Common Everyday Object!


    For this Visual Assignment we were asked to take a everyday object and manipulate the colors.

    Inspiration: Since there has been so much hype around the Iphone5 I decided to incorpate that in my photo. I feel like all Apple products have become apart of our whole society. So I …

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    Find Yourself!


    Here is my next Visual Assignment called Find Yourself!

    Assignment: For this assignment we had to find our name in the environment around us. We could either use something that had our first name, parts of our first name, or even the individual letters that make up our name in …

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    Splash That Color!


    For my first Visual Assignment I decided to do Splash that Color!

    Basically you take any photo, turn it into a black and white photo, and then use some type of photo software and insert back some of the original color of the photo in one spot.

    Process: To make …

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    Oh Yeah! Week 5 Daily Create Oh Yeah!


    Here are all of the Daily Creates for Week 5!

    The first one is a abstract drawing of my favorite animal the whale.

    The second is another drawing so that you can never have enough yellow! (Inspired by my sweater)

    The third is a photo of a ad that was …

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    Audio Techniques and Listening to Stories


    I decided to listen to The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar and I have to say it was a pretty cool story!

    I felt that using audio to tell the story was so effective! (I read it in print and lets just say the music and voice dynamics definitely helped it …

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    All about Audio Storytelling


    This week we were asked to watch a couple of videos about to experts Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad discussing radio storytelling. Glass gives out some amazing tips on how to make radio storytelling a success. I felt that Glass’s overall point in his videos was to make viewers realize …

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    My Website Address


    In order to make sure that you guys are being directed directly to my blog you need to type in this URL:


    Hope this helps! …

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    A Past DS106 that Inspired me


    This week we were asked to look on the in[SPIRE] page and pick one of the past works done by a student who has taken this course and blog about it. When viewing the page this work stuck out to me the most and I immediately feel in love with …

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    How to apply Kurt Vonnegut’s Idea to Anything


    After watching the video on Kurt Vonnegut the model that I decided to imitate was the last model that he described. I’m going to name that model the “Cinderella Model”. At first I really couldn’t think of any stories other than the ones all based off the same storyline about …

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    Daily Creates For Week Three


    Here are all my Daily Creates for this week!

    Here is something that makes me angry! :

    Here is something with a weird texture. Can you guess what it is?:

    Here is a photo of a sidewalk scene:

    Here is something that I miss:

    The Daily Creates are by far …

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    Animated GIF


    Initially when I decided to make this I didn’t know which movie I wanted to do this on. After a while of debating I found some inspiration from my roommates watching a movie that was playing on ABC Family. I decided to my animated gif on MEAN GIRLS! I chose …

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