1. @butterball_4567

    Weekly Summary: Week 12


    This week was a lot of fun creating tutorials, doing remixes, and completing the mashup assignments. It really helped with my creativity. My most difficult assignment this week was an assignment called Animoji Karaoke where you sing or lip sing your favorite song using Apple’s Animoji. It was difficult because …

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    All to Myself Animoji


    This assignment I did is called Animoji Karaoke where you must sing or lip sing your favorite song using Apple’s Animoji. So, I chose to do the song “All to Myself” by Dan+Shay because that is my favorite song right now. I really enjoyed doing this assignment, and it was …

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    The Typewriter


    This assignment I did is called The Recursive Camera where you must do the following:

    “You’ll need a camera. And you’ll need another frame. Hold the frame in one hand (don’t let you hand cover the side facing you), and take a picture with it in the center of the …

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    Project Ideas Part 2


    After looking at others project ideas and reflecting on my own, I think I would like to go with this idea:

    “A story of an 80s movie, told as if it’s a video diary. So Breakfast Club, we’d choose one character, and tell the story from just that one person’s …

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    Weekly Summary: Week 10


    Video week was a lot of fun. Usually I don’t make a lot of videos, especially ones where I am in it because I am so self-conscious, but enjoyed all of the assignments this week. My favorite assignment that I did this week was an assignment called Play It Backward,

  6. @butterball_4567

    9 to 5 Movie Scene Analysis


    I did my video essay on a scene from the 80s movie 9 to 5 to go along with the 80s theme and because it is one of my favorite movies. I just picked one of my favorite scenes from it. I focused on the analyzing the camera, and it …

  7. @butterball_4567

    Weekly Summary: Week 9


    This week was a lot of fun. I particularly enjoyed having a lighter week but also revisiting some assignments. This gave me time to reflect on everything that I have done up to this point in the semester. My favorite assignment that I re-did was an assignment called Sound Scapes …

  8. @butterball_4567

    Radio Show Review


    The radio show I am reviewing is the show Tubular Tunes. Starting out, I loved the intro, it had a nice stranger things vibe. The first radio commercial was really funny, especially the part about getting it on VHS. The first segment about all of the elements that make a …

  9. @butterball_4567

    Sunset 2


    This assignment I did is called Combophoto where you must take splices of photos and put them into a single photo. I took the following two pictures below, and I put them together. However, I split the first photo into two halves before putting both photos together, so this was …

  10. @butterball_4567

    Connected Daily Creates


    This assignment to connect the three daily creates you do this week together in a story was challenging this week because when I was doing my daily creates, I had to put a lot of thought into my responses to make sure that I would be able to connect each …

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    Project Ideas


    After finishing this radio show project, and having a lot fun and great experience with it, I can’t wait to see what these later projects bring to the table. One project idea I had for the 80s theme was a life in the day of the 80s where you do …

  12. @butterball_4567

    Weekly Summary: Week 8


    I enjoyed the radio show project this week. The main difficulty with the project was not creating it, or putting everything together, but communicating with everyone in the group. However, my group and I pushed through and made it happen. We created, what I think to be, an awesome and …

  13. @butterball_4567

    80’s Television Power Half-Hour: Week 2


    This week has been a lot of fun collaborating with my group and creating this radio show. As I said last week, our topic was to create analyses of popular 80’s television shows. I decided to do Full House for my analysis. I started out just recording my analysis, and …

  14. @butterball_4567

    Weekly Summary: Week 7


    This week was a lot fun getting to work on this radio show project. It was nice to take a break from just doing a bunch of assignments to actually working on a project. My most difficult was not doing any assignments, but forming a group and getting everyone on …

  15. @butterball_4567

    80’s Television Power Half-Hour: Week 1


    For our group radio show project, my group started out thinking of doing hit songs from 80’s movies, but then we decided to switch to a different topic because of copyright issues and that sort. We ended up deciding to do analyses of 80’s TV shows. Our plan is that …

  16. @butterball_4567

    Radio Show Design Project


    For this assignment, I created a poster for my group’s radio show project, which is called “80’s Television Half-Hour.” To create the poster I started out using an app on my laptop called SketchBook. Here, I typed up the text I wanted for the poster with some 80’s style …

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