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  1. @butterball_4567

    Project Ideas Part 2

    After looking at others project ideas and reflecting on my own, I think I would like to go with this idea: “A story of an 80s movie, told as if it’s a video diary. So Breakfast Club, we’d choose one character, and tell the story from just that one person’s point of view. With Back […]
  2. @butterball_4567

    Radio Show Review

    The radio show I am reviewing is the show Tubular Tunes. Starting out, I loved the intro, it had a nice stranger things vibe. The first radio commercial was really funny, especially the part about getting it on VHS. The first segment about all of the elements that make a great 80s song was a […]
  3. @butterball_4567

    Assignments Take Two

    Here are the two assignments I re-did, why, and how: Assignment 1 Original: New: Explanation: This assignment is called Sound Scapes where you must create a sound piece out found sounds. I re-did this one because I really enjoyed creating it the first time, so I wanted to revisit this one again. I put more […]
  4. @butterball_4567

    Project Ideas

    After finishing this radio show project, and having a lot fun and great experience with it, I can’t wait to see what these later projects bring to the table. One project idea I had for the 80s theme was a life in the day of the 80s where you do research and create a narrative […]
  5. @butterball_4567

    Radio Show Design Project

    For this assignment, I created a poster for my group’s radio show project, which is called “80’s Television Half-Hour.” To create the poster I started out using an app on my laptop called SketchBook. Here, I typed up the text I wanted for the poster with some 80’s style colors using two 80’s style fonts […]
  6. @butterball_4567

    Design Blitz

    I found the design blitz to be difficult because it was hard for me to find already made designs that inhabited these different design concepts (color, typography, minimalism, etc.). However, all of the designs I found ended up being posters on campus, so here is what I found and why each one is representative of […]
  7. @butterball_4567

    Design Thoughts

    After reading The Vignelli Cannon by Massimo Vignelli, I learned that design is like communicating. The viewer’s understanding of the meaning or end goal of the design is of most importance because if the audience does not understand the design, then all else fails and nothing else matters. Therefore, design is carefully thought out and […]
  8. @butterball_4567

    DS106 Radio

    Listening to the ds106 radio this week has been great. This has really shown me the unique and important art of audio storytelling. It has also shown me how dialogue can be elevated just by adding other produced works and audio clips to transport yourself into the action. This is definitely eye opening for me […]
  9. @butterball_4567

    Radio Show Ideas

    I am excited for this radio show project. It seems really interesting and something way out of my comfort zone. A really cool idea for the radio show would be to create a narrative of something that happened to you in present day, and then recreate it as if it happened back in the 80s. […]
  10. @butterball_4567

    Audio Reflection

    Audio storytelling is a very interesting concept that I have never really thought about before. However, if there was never any sound in the background, everything would just seem bland. After listening to “Moon Graffiti,” I realized the importance of audio storytelling. Certain sounds elicit some type of emotion in us, and they tell us […]
  11. @butterball_4567


    The 20 minute photoblitz was a fun assignment that really tested my creative skills in trying to find ways to make photos to fit these requirements. It was no easy task for me, but it pushed me, and that was good. Here were my seven tasks. Square is hip! Lose the rectangle. A photo with […]
  12. @butterball_4567

    80s Photo Techniques

    For looking at photo techniques, I chose to use the article 1980s Music and Pop Culture Photography. Below is one of the photos from the article. Right off the bat, I could identify contrast because it was a black and white photo, and that therefore made somethings stand out more than others like the hat, […]
  13. @butterball_4567

    Photo Reflection

    My photo taking skills have always been pretty much the same. Currently, I do not take a lot of photos, and the ones I do take are of either the occasional nice scenery that I see outside or of my dog “Sushi.” I do not have a particular approach to taking photos other than to […]

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