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    Weekly Summary: Week 2


    This week, I really went out of my comfort zone in building on my creative side with these assignments, but they were a lot of fun. However, the toughest challenge I faced was managing WordPress and customizing my site to just they way I wanted it. I was constantly changing …

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    Ocean Sunset


    This assignment I chose is called Combophoto where you are suppose to splice two photos together using photo editing software.

    Here are the two photos that I spliced together.

    Then here is the finished product.

    I chose this assignment because enjoy editing photos and trying to combine photos that I …

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    Weekly Summary: Week 1


    This week was a lot more work than expected, and this class took up a decent amount of my time. However, I could be saying that just because we got back from summer break, and I just did not want summer break to end. It was neat to learn how …

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    80’s Theme


    The 80’s was a period of rapid change where music videos revolutionized the music and entertainment industry. Cell phones were the next big thing as technology boomed and started to become an integral part of people’s lives. Television became a more prominent part of peoples lives with the monumental introduction …

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    Hello World!


    My name is Kollin Carter, and welcome to my blog that I created for ds106! I am a Senior accounting major and practical ethics minor here at UMW. Below are all of my introductions, so feel free to follow my social medias and comment if you want.

    Hello #ds106 at …

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