1. Brian

    Networking – Lab 9 – Protocol Programming With Python


    Brian Seitz


    Objectives: Use python to run a simple client/server and Web client program.


    Equipment list: Computers with internet connection, python, client.py, server.py and web_client.py files.


    Notes and Observations: Since I had taken a class and learned how to use python already, I found this lab to …

  2. Brian

    Mashedup Children’s Book – BS


    For this assignment, we were to mash up a children’s book cover with another cultural artifact. I chose to use “Curious George” since I remember reading them when I was a kid, and the internet in general. Just like George, all of us are curious to find new information. The …

  3. Brian

    Networking – Lab 8 – Routing & Routing Protocols – BS


    Brian Seitz


    Objectives: Configure a Static Route Network, configure RIP, and troubleshoot RIP.


    Equipment list: Computers, routers, switches, ethernet cables, hyperterminal.


    Notes and Observations: This was definitely one of the most irritating labs so far. We setup and connected the two computers to their own switches and …

  4. Brian

    Networking – Lab 7 – BS


    Brian Seitz


    Objectives: Build a working network.


    Equipment list: Computers, routers, switches, ethernet cables.


    Notes and Observations: Starting was a little rough, but after we made a diagram on the board, it started to make a lot more sense. Everything went quite smooth for Kevin and I. …

  5. Brian

    Comment 4 Kids – DS106 Assignment – My experience


    Comment 4 Kids seems like a really great assignment. It’s so important to have an internet presence these days and to give these kids the opportunity to have one while also being guided through the process. A lot of us just jumped into it and have made some mistakes, so …

  6. Brian

    Networking Blog 10 – BS


    This week we continued talking about subnetting. At this point, I feel like I’m getting a really good grasp on subnetting. The lab we did last this week helped solidify that. It was great designing a network like that and really seeing the application of what we’ve been doing in …

  7. Brian

    This American Life – Retraction – BS


    This episode was definitely out of the ordinary as far as “This American Life” episodes usually go, but it was definitely important that they made an episode like this. I liked the structure of how it was set up as well. I also thought that the lack of music really …

  8. Brian

    Networking Blog 8 – BS


    This week  we talked about binary and hexadecimal. We also looked at how to convert from one to the other. This is the third time I’ve come across this topic in college so far so I’m pretty familiar with it. Binary is all 1′s and 0′s and is counted using …

  9. Brian

    Networking Lab – Packet Sniffing with Wireshark – BS


    Brian Seitz

    March 2, 2012


    Objectives: Use and learn Wireshark to sniff packets.


    Equipment list: Computer with internet connection and Wireshark.


    Notes and Observations: At first looking at Wireshark was extremely confusing but after just a little bit it started making more sense. A lot of what …

  10. Brian

    Radio Lab – Parasites – BS


    Overall this podcast was a nice change of pace compared to “This American Life”. This episode however didn’t really pull me in. I think it is mainly because of the topic. I liked the music and sound effects choices they made for the episode. I also thought that the two …

  11. Brian

    Networking – Blog 7 – BS


    This week we talked about encapsulation and tcp/ip. Drawing the diagram on the board as a class and walking through the packets and frames made a lot more sense than the activity that we did first. I added one link to Diigo today as well. I was going to add …

  12. Brian

    Sound Effects Intro – BS


    Can you take samples of sounds and make a song out of them? That is what my challenge was for this assignment. Below are the sounds that I recorded at my home.  I recorded everything from opening a can of pop to the sound of opening and closing scissors. The …

  13. Brian

    Networking – Blog 6 – BS


    This week I added a couple links to Diigo that I thought were pretty interesting. The first link is to an article about catching a cyber thief. The second is about AT&T raising their “unlimited” 3G throttling cap to 3GB. Both links are below.

    How to catch an Internet cyber …

  14. Brian

    Networking – Lab 5 – Web & FTP Servers


    Brian Seitz

    February 24, 2012


    Objectives: Get hands-on with HTTP and FTP servers.


    Equipment list: Computer with internet connection and Apache.


    Notes and Observations: Since I have my own website, I’m pretty comfortable with HTTP and FTP servers. I’ve never used Apache before though. The lab consisted …

  15. Brian

    Fire pole? What would be in your dream home? – BS


    I have played and created music for a long time and I’ve always dreamed of having my own studio. A nice big, comfortable and completely up to date recording studio. I love making music so I could definitely spend a lot of my time in that studio. One day I …

  16. Brian

    Networking – Blog 5 – BS


    This week in class we studied for the exam and took the exam. I surprised myself actually by how much I remembered and knew. I’m pretty excited to see what I got. I studied hard for that test so I’m hoping my grade shows that.

    I also added a couple …

  17. Brian

    Networking 1 – Lab 4 – Exploring TCP/IP Networks


    Brian Seitz

    February 17, 2012


    Objectives: Construct a stand-alone and operational TCP/IP network using IPv4 addressing.


    Equipment list: Two or more computers, switch, router and cables to hook it all up.


    Notes and Observations: I was with the half of the group that setup a simple class …

  18. Brian

    This American Life – What I Did For Love – BS


    I really enjoyed the first song that was played on the podcast. It was super sad but had such a great sound to it that really brought me in. The first story was pretty funny but was also very weird to me. I never would agree to do what they …

  19. Brian

    This American Life – Conventions – BS


    This podcast focused a lot on exactly what the title says, conventions. A couple of interesting stories were told by people that had gone to a couple different conventions. The sounds throughout the podcast, like normal, gave you a sense of actually being there. You could here the chatter of …

  20. Brian

    Networking 1 – Week 5 – Blog 4 – BS


    This week I slacked a bit as far as participation on the wiki and Diigo, but felt I really learned a good deal in class about Layer 3 switches and routers. Drawing out the networks and explaining how they send information between each other really helped. They use frames that …

  21. Brian

    Black History Month – Wilt Chamberlain – BS


    Wilton Norman Chamberlain aka Wilt Chamberlain was an NBA legend. Wilt played for a few different teams in the NBA, but is probably known most for playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. At 7 foot 1 and 300 pounds, Chamberlain is considered by many to be one of the greatest …

  22. Brian

    Black History Month – Charlie “Yardbird” Parker – BS


    Charlie “Yardbird” Parker was born August 29, 1920 in Kansas City, Kansas. Charlie Parker was one of the most influential saxophonists and jazz players of the 1940’s. Parker played with many different bands and toured a lot to places like New York and Chicago. This continued until he made his …

  23. Brian

    Networking 1 – Lab 3 – The OSI model


    Brian Seitz

    February 10, 2012


    Objectives: In this lab, we learned more about the OSI model and got the opportunity to work with a switch.


    Equipment list: At least two computers, internet access and a switch.


    Notes and Observations: Using the command prompt, Kevin and I pulled …

  24. Brian

    Networking 1 – Week 4 – Blog 3 – BS


    This week we talked about networking hardware and the OSI model. Since I had taken the Intro to PC Administration class my freshmen year, I knew about the hardware we talked about. I didn’t know about the OSI model though. I didn’t realize there is 7 different layers. This week …

  25. Brian

    Black History Month – Blog – BS


    The three subjects for my Black History Month project are Charlie Parker, Wayne Simien and Gale Sayers. Charlie Parker was a very influential improvising soloist in jazz. I’m a big lover of music and creating music, so Charlie Parker seemed like an obvious choice for me. Wayne Simien and Gale …

  26. Brian

    Networking 1 – Week 3 – Blog 2 – BS


    This week we talked about Electricity and answered the question, “What is a network?”. A bit of it was actually kind of review, but it was nice going over both topics and refreshing them in my mind. The new stuff I learned though was with networking. I had never really …

  27. Brian

    This American Life – Reap What You Sow – BS


    What is the topic of the story(s)?

    The overall podcast is basically about getting what you deserve, hence the title of the podcast, “Reap What You Sow”. In Act one, the story is about illegal immigrants. The second Act is a story about a guy who brings two chickens into …

  28. Brian

    Black History Month Assignment – Proposal – BS


    Here are my 10 proposals for the Black History Month poster assignment.

    1. Wayne Simien, (born 1983), NCAA All-American, NBA basketball player, Leavenworth, Kansas

    2. Barry Sanders football player, Wichita

    3. Charlie Parker (1920 – 1955) One of the most influential improvising soloists in jazz, and a central figure in …

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