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    It’s Just About The End of The End


    With the semester winding down, my group’s final project is only just starting! I can’t believe it’s the last week of classes, though I am ready for it. This class has been amazing and has taught me so much more than I thought it would at the beginning.

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    A Dozen Weeks In


    This week has been super fun creating fan media for my book, World War Z! I loved having the topic already chosen (the contents of the book and some from the movie adaptation) and then having a refined list of things from different categories to choose from (I highly applaud …

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    Millard Rausch Isn’t Who He Says He Is??


    When thinking about evidence, there was one thing I wanted to break apart more than anything: Dr. Millard Rausch’s first appearance. I went and rewatched the video from week 5 where Dr. Rausch came into Martha’s office.

    I noticed that he mentioned a student who was on the slack but …

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    World War Z Remixed Ending


    The ending to the movie World War Z is much different than that of the book, but it lent itself into remixing quite well.

    I went through a good number of scenes online to see which I wanted to remix, and the ending was the one with the most normal …

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    Week 11…Give it up for Week 11!


    This week has been very busy but very fun! I am honestly proud of all that I’ve made and I am so thankful for this class giving me the opportunity to work on all these creative projects I would not have come up with elsewhere!

    The biggest undertaking I had …

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    Five CDE Questions Answered


    Vanessa Locke asked me to answer some questions for whatever reason… so I chose a few and responded (in many cases a little too thoroughly and I had to sped things up or edit them down).

    Making this video wasn’t too challenging. Again, I had to use my phone to …

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    28 Days Later 2 Days Later


    I watched the film 28 Days Later on Thursday. I had heard a lot of hype about this movie before I saw it, but to be completely honest I wasn’t a huge fan. I think the major reason the movie didn’t strike me was the quality of world building wasn’t …

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    Week 10 – We’re in the Double Digits Now


    Making videos this week was really fun, though time consuming. I only had my phone to work with, since I sadly left my good camera at home, but at least it still ended up producing really nice quality!

    To tie a video into the radio shows we listened to, I …

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    How My Shoes Saw the Dawn of the Apocalypse


    I was making one of those trendy videos of your shoes as you’re walking when something crazy started happening on campus. I had just gotten lunch at Blackstone when the screams broke out, then there were flashes of strange light all around me. I had to find a safe space …

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    World War Z Alternate Ending

    Chesapeake, Virginia

    [Charlee Faraday walks with me through the city she is currently living in and trying to raise back up (from the dead, so to speak). Her role is small but important, a local radio newscaster, talk show host, and DJ.]

    I don’t know why you’re deciding to interview …

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    Week 6 in the Bag


    Thanks to this week working in design, I am now aware of design all around me, everywhere I go. I understand why certain designs get my attention and how they do so.

    I have familiarized myself with Canva this week, which has quickened the rate I am able to make …

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    World War Z – New 2018 Cover!


    I have created my own cover for the book World War Z by Max Brooks! Below is the original cover:


    And here is my cover:

    I tried making my version less gritty (except for the Earth) and more modern, since much of the book looks retrospectively at the past …

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    Charlee Seen at Her Job!


    Charlee is seen here at the art and hobby store at which she works. She doesn’t necessarily love working there, but she likes her coworkers and gets a lot of hours so she sticks with it.


    The store here is one that I have back home, called Paper Source. …

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