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    Final Projects


    Today is not the only time society has dealt with a pandemic. Our class theme is to relate assignments to the 1980’s and that is what I did.

    The 1980’s had its share of pandemics and some scary ones at that. I concentrated on only three of the pandemics: pneumonia, …

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    This Week


    80’s Pandemic

    For my final project, I’ve decided to concentrate on the 80’s pandemic specifically the measles, HIV, and pneumonic outbreak. I’ve done a little reading on CDC’s timeline of the three outbreaks and I think I have enough materials to complete my final project.

    Audio: I will record an …

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    80’s Remix


    Thriller vs. Comedy

    For this remix assignment, I chose to mix two 80’s film and audio together.

    The trailer is of the movie Hitcher, a thriller movie and a comedy audio of planes, trains, and automobiles. I used Quicktime to record both the film and the audio, mixed it together …

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    Billie Jean vs. Uptown Funk

    I recorded songs onto Quicktime from YouTube videos of Billie Jean and UpTown Funk. I converted the files to mp3 since they were saved as M4A files.

    Then I uploaded them onto audicity. I didn’t like the first two minutes of both songs so I …

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    80’s Emoji Lip Syncing


    I Believe by Cher

    I created this assignment from the Mashup Assignment for 5 stars.

    I used my iPhone to create an emoji of a self close-up. It was actually kind of fun. Then I looked through our music to see what was hip in the 80s. So, I chose …

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    80’s Movie Character


    Who doesn’t love Molly Ringwald?!

    I completed a 4 star Mashup Assignment to mix together video clips of Molly Ringwald in 80’s films.

    I took several clips from the 3 movies; Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and Breakfast Club.

    I utilized Quicktime to capture and save the video clips on …

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    Ideas Part II


    More Brainstorming

    To add to the pandemic brainstorming below, I would add more to footage such as what did society do to adapt, did it have an impact on today’s society, and commercials could be to possibly be prepared for the unpredictable (but not hoarding).


    I viewed the below …

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    Remake of Movie Intro


    80’s film

    Looking through the video bank assignments, I found remaking of movie intros, 3.5 stars. I thought this could be fun. I thought which 80s film could I possibly remake so I chose Top Gun.

    I looked for fighter jet videos and recorded a short clip via Quicktime and …

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    Video Assignment


    Quick Intro to Tamale Making

    This 3.5 star assignment was not exactly planned. My son had wanted Tamales and suggested I should record it for his grandma. So, this is how the assignment came about.

    It’s a short 4 minute video with my son assisting in the process.

    I used …

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    A Day in the Life of Dogs



    For video assignments this week, I chose a 3 star assignment to make small videos and pictures of our dogs. It was kind of hard, I had to keep remembering to keep my phone on me to capture their moments, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. They don’t …

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    Advertisement Galore!


    Restaurant Chef Ware

    Out of the video bank assignments, 4 star assignment, I put together clips from the movies of No Reservations and Ratatouille of the actors showing their plates and cook ware.

    I used quicktime to take clips of the shows and uploaded them onto iMovie. Then I cut …

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    5 Seconds of Your Time


    More like 8 seconds

    Video bank assignments – 4 stars is to create a 5 second video.

    I used iMovie to put together a video of a lacrosse game of players coming in and out of the field during a game. I uploaded the video to iMovie, shortened it then …

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    Show Plan


    vs. Weekly Bank Assignments

    I’ve had a busy week with everything else even though I’m at home. Kids are home and work still needs to get done. I didn’t have time to form a group so I will be completing video bank assignments this week and next week.

    Have a …

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    Video Trailer


    Short Trailer Scene

    This is a video assignment with 4 points.

    I created a short Trailer with photos from visiting Italy last year with my husband. I added a photo of myself wearing a mask as well for the current events.


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    Video Essay


    80s Theme

    This assignment was harder than creating an audio scene.

    After viewing all the clips on our assignment page and getting a grip of what a video essay entails; I googled what 80s films were popular so I went with Pretty in Pink since it was free to view …

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    Radio Show Broadcasting


    Tuesday’s Shows

    The Scrunchie’s Radio Show was aired first. The team did a good job with presenting fashion particulars such as beauty standards and fashion information. One of their beginning commercial or bumper was hard to hear. It was nicely collaborated by the team.

    Next were the Around the World: …

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