1. @LilahKBB

    Harry Potter/Superhero Tattoo



    This is a rough idea of what I thought my superhero, the Black Dahlia. I thought about the fact that she was a botanist and likely a nerdy person so I combined the Harry Potter emblem for Deathly Hallows and added instead of a wand a sprig of lavender …

  2. @LilahKBB

    Minimalist Scotland



    Can you guess what TV show this is based off of???

    It’s one of my favorite books too!

    I created this image on gimp its not as good as I would have liked but I have a lot of trouble using gimp but I’m slowly learning. I wanted it …

  3. @LilahKBB

    Week 5: My favorite


    This week has been my favorite that we have had! I really enjoy audio and music. I’ve always been sensitive to the sounds around me and the my father instilled in me a strong love of music which morphed into a hunger to find new sounds from different countries. The …

  4. @LilahKBB

    Dark Room: Even Superheroes Can’t Save Everyone


    It’s a very dark audio warning people now. I knew I wanted something emotional for the audio but I didn’t know it would come out like this and actually make me feel a little uncomfortable. Other than wanting an emotional audio I’m not sure where the inspiration came from. Maybe …

  5. @LilahKBB

    The Radio Show to the World



    Talk about inspiring international music. Listen to music and mention lyrics and meanings behind the songs. Maybe only play parts of the songs and translate what they are saying. Have a few people giving there opinions have each member of the radio station choose a few songs to talk …

  6. @LilahKBB

    The Likely Tragedy


    Response to the storytelling podcast

    Starting off I wasn’t really sure if where they were until they started counting down to landing and I wasn’t sure until the failure speech was being read that it was a space mission and not an airplane. I really enjoyed the little effects because …

  7. @LilahKBB

    Week 4: It’s all about the angle


    This week I really enjoyed the assignments and was able to do them more spread out because they didn’t demand so much time to plan out or lots of writing. I enjoyed learning more about photography and am still very surprised how much I didn’t really understand from photos or …

  8. @LilahKBB

    Photoblitz: Focus


    This was the list of photographs that I needed to find in under 20 minutes. I wrote out the list it gave me so I could have it while I walked around and I took this screenshot so I could time stamp when I started. I forgot to take one …

  9. @LilahKBB

    The Fuzzy Creature Strikes Again


    What the hell is that thing!! Again it has entered a seemingly innocent persons room and pounced on them leaving them with fur and a minor bite on their neck! Many of the people have not been able to get a good look but one of the survivors were able …

  10. @LilahKBB

    Brooding on the Metro



    This assignment was worth 2 stars I had to take a bad picture add a vintage effect on it and write something moody in a bland font. It was pretty easy I went through pictures I had on my computer and found one where I had accidentally taken a …

  11. @LilahKBB

    The Magical Island of Gwynn



    Worth 4 stars I did a collage of pictures from the same place but instead of doing it at different times of day I choose to use pictures I had taken of the sunset because I knew there was a place I had taken many pictures of over the …

  12. @LilahKBB

    Intricacies of Photography

    Reading the article blew my mind! More like it surprised me how oblivious I had been about photography.

    I had never thought of a picture as a story before reading these articles. Well I had thought about it but more from a historical and news perspective when people were blatantly …

  13. @LilahKBB

    Summary Week3


    This week was a little difficult for me because I am a slow writer and I have a problem taking too much time trying to layout the specifics of what I am going to write and not enough time to actually write it and have time to edit. So this …

  14. @LilahKBB

    What do you think I am?? No peeking!


    Sitting, waiting, ready. I’m moved I feel like I’m being uncoiled like a snake. I felt a surge and I light up. Now I’m sitting waiting again but my energy is increasing I’m getting worked up I wonder if it’s because something uncoiled me. I think I’m going to burst …

  15. @LilahKBB

    Bubbles the Clown


    I decided to do the role-playing writing assignment, which is 4 stars and is under the tags WritingAssignments and WritingAssignments187.

    This was my prompt by the assignment creator:

    “Joe the clown was not a happy camper this morning. This was evidenced by the fact that he had put four lumps …

  16. @LilahKBB

    The Pioneering Superheroes


    I thought that the article on how the different characters and people in the past have influenced the superhero characters that we have today. I have never really been interested in superheroes. I’ve enjoyed the movies created out of the characters but I have never read a comic about one …

  17. @LilahKBB

    Black Dahlia


    My name is Daisy Bates I am the Black Dahlia’s biggest fan. I have all articles and any information on her including the research that she has conducted. I have created a journal about all of the findings and my theory about why she became the Black Dahlia. My theory …

  18. @LilahKBB

    My name is Star Fly


    Today is my 7th day on the planet Earth and I have decided to document it. My name is Star Fly I have come to a strange planet and have not found a way to return to my own planet Centron. The beings here are strange though luckily I am …

  19. @LilahKBB

    Reflection Week 2



    This week every assignment was pretty easy to figure out other than the smashup that I attempted to create this week but will hopefully post next week! It was taking me too long trying to get the beat and everything match and even since I wanted this to be …

  20. @LilahKBB

    Intro: Lilah Beebe


    Hello all! My name is Lilah Beebe I am a senior at Mary Washington and will be graduating in the Spring with a major in Sociology and a minor Business Administration. I have gone to Mary Wash all four years of my college career and have enjoyed it immensely! I’ve …

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