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    Longing in the lyrics


    “Choose an emotion (happy, sad, excited, hyper, sleepy, suprised, inspired, ect..) and then choose three songs that elect that emotion. Name emotion, the song, and why it makes you feel that way. This can be done in three separate tweets to allow for character count. Have fun with this!”

    I …

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    A gentle breeze blows in the distance.


    “People often forget about how beautiful the world is, the way the treese blow in the wind, how flowers bloom in the spring and how amazing the grass feels on our feet. We come from a generation where the only beauty we actually see is over an electronic. Go outside …

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    How Very


    “Create a voice mail message for a character in a film or tv show. Use samples, impressions, and/or music to create your message. “

    Some of the most iconic slang comes from the 80’s movie Heathers. Starring Winona Ryder as Veronica, the cult classic movie tells the story of a …

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    How short is too short?


    “First, go to your blog and tell us a story. Any story. Fact or fiction. Make it as long as it needs to be to tell it well. Then, go to Twitter and retell your story, distilling it down into a single tweet. Embed your tweet at the end of the …

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    Maybe I misspoke…


    I’ve made a poster of Matrix’s Morpheus, holding the iconic red and blue pills, with a quote from Sean Connery’s James Bond “Never say Never Again” giving credit to Neo, another Matrix character.

    I love the Matrix and always confused the characters names with one another, specifically Neo and Morpheus. …

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    Never been KISSed


    What’s more 80’s than full hair and makeup, lengthy guitar solos, tights, and sky high boots? That’s right- nothing. When people think of the 80’s they usually think of neon and athletic wear and forget all about the impact KISS had on 80’s style. While their popularity grew in the …

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    The Colors Within


    For one of my assignments I created a movie barcode. Keeping with the theme of the 80’s (but making it my own a little bit) I made one with screenshots from Bladerunner 2049. It may be obvious that this is my favorite movie- but I can’t get over how beautiful …

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    80’s pop culture thoughts


    “What do the 80s mean to today?” is a difficult question for someone who can only know the 80’s through movies music and reminents of a past they didn’t live through. Personally, my parents, like many others I’m sure, were big “80’s people” and played 80’s music through my youth. …

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    Week 1 Summary


    This week I’ve set up accounts on numerous social media platforms in order to use them later for projects for digital storytelling. I’ve made an Instagram and Soundcloud and previously had a YouTube account and Twitter account. I’ve posted introductions on all of them briefly stating my name major and …

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