1. Michael Walter

    Forming Michael Island


    I want to pass something on when I die. Something I am known for. Stories are passed along for only so long, and I want something more concrete.

    So I have decided to form Michael Island. Its too expensive to buy an already existing island, and I can’t exactly go …

  2. Michael Walter

    Spading America


    I think that if you want a child you have to make a certain amount of money or have a job past 2 kids. Say you want a third kid you should have to have a combined income of 30000. Now that is not a lot at all, but it …

  3. Michael Walter



    Lettuce is beyond a doubt one of the most useless foods out there. It brings absolutely nothing to the table besides wasting room in the mouth. I always prefer lettuce and I think it’s just out of habit. …

  4. Michael Walter

    Ah smartphones


    Call me an idiot. Call me a late mover but I am god damn in love with smartphones. The Samsung galaxy 3 is without a doubt the coolest phone for anyone who doesn’t strongly care about status. The Google version if the app store is called Google play which is …

  5. Michael Walter

    Thinking More Positively


    I am a large believer in positive thinking. If you think your days going to suck, its going to have to be pretty incredible for it not to suck, but if you wake up with a positive mind set, theres almost no problem that can’t be solved. After listening to …

  6. Michael Walter

    Trading Future Earnings For An Education


    I like this. This is a real investment. What if instead of having to pay for college, you could get it all paid for in return for 5% of your future gross earnings. This would allow you to better concentrate on college, which would lead to a better job. There …

  7. Michael Walter

    Welcome Back


    Welcome back Welcome back Welcome back….Yeahhhhhh Yeahhhhhh Yeahhhh. I’m back, after a bit of a hiatus, yours truly has decided to pull a Jesus. All the commentary and opinions that you’ve missed, oh it’s back. …

  8. Michael Walter

    Summarizing the Semester


    Without deep reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people.
    Albert Einstein

    I hope you all enjoy my deep thoughts. I really came off as trying to sound intelligent, but I do think that it was one of the greatest classes I have ever been in, …

  9. Michael Walter

    Ken Machande Final Class Video


    This video is of Ken Machande’s cost accounting class. I think it is very important to show videos of classes that people may interpret as boring because hopefully these videos can show that there is more than meets the eyes, and even non accounting majors should see the importance of …

  10. Michael Walter

    Dave Henderson Final Project Video


    This is the third of my final project videos. It is of Professor Henderson, who is one of the more recent professors. He is an extremely interesting guy, and a first year professor. I think we have many great things to expect from him. He decided to talk about his …

  11. Michael Walter

    Personal Cyberinfrastructure


    Would I be mad if someone took my exact words and pretended they were their own? Damn right I would. If someone would simply put quotations around my exact words would I be mad? No, I would be flatted that someone appreciated what I said. When you see someone’s tweet …

  12. Michael Walter

    Final Project Update


    Now I was hoping to have at least 5 teach videos, but I never had any ideas that teachers were so afraid to be on camera. It is as if they are afraid to lose their jobs, or that they will say something that the administration would not approve of. …

  13. Michael Walter

    Final Project Update


    This is just a small taste of what to expect for my final project. I am going to attempt to at least do three teachers classes, and maybe if I don’t have time to finish it, a future ds106 student can!

    the video quality if a little weak, and I …

  14. Michael Walter

    New Final Project


    In a previous post, I talked about how my final was going to be comparing the Great Lives lecture class to ds106. One was a class that brought in distinguished lecturers and ds106, the epitome of the future for information systems and social media. However, as Steve Jobs said, do …

  15. Michael Walter

    History of the Na Na Na’s


    The Assignment:

    Take clips from different songs and mash them up into something fun.

    This we did in class, and we tried to really cut down only on the na na na parts. We tried to go through different cultures everything from Indian to a little American rap.

  16. Michael Walter

    Last Samurai criss crossed with Mulan


    Take your favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the original trailer. For example, if you have a funny movie trailer, give it the sound of a terrifying movie; or vice versa. You may need to clip the audio …

  17. Michael Walter

    The Toy Story Series (mashup of Toy Story 1,2,3)



    Make a movie trailer by taking a trilogy, or any series of movies (LOTR, Saw, Final Destination etc.) and combine scenes from all the trailers to make one trailer…

    Now I love LOTR and Harry Potter but those movies would be far too easy and not be soooo creative. …

  18. Michael Walter

    I’ve been Everywhere


    Pick a song that has geographic references (or heck ,make up the references), and create a Google Map that has the locations along with media for each pin in the map. Mash it up with the audio or video of the song into a new video- making it a music …

  19. Michael Walter

    The Start of Programming


    Now i’m not a programmer now, but this brings back sooooooo many memories

    The turtle game! which originally was a robotic creature that was placed on the floor and could be programmed to move around in certain patterns. In more recent history, the turtle has moved up into the computer …

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