1. @wchiltonumw

    New and Improved


    The first assignment I wanted to improve was my beat that I made earlier on in the semester. I will embed that post for the assignment below this and then I will embed the SoundCloud for my new and improved beat.

    DJ Walk

    The next assignment that I decided to …

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    Looking Ahead


    This description within our weekly assignments truly got me hype. I am excited to get going n our next big project. Working in a group atmosphere truly stirred up tons of good ideas as well as a great end product. I am looking forward to doing more group work within …

  3. @wchiltonumw

    Joy of Music Live Listen


    I listened to the Joy of Music show on Tuesday night. It was awesome listening to the first individual speak about his playlists that he created. The knowledge that he was able to provide to everyone was insane. He truly showed how music has so much more thought and meaning …

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    Behind the Counter Progress


    We were able to meet in person on Wednesday the 13th. During that meeting we all recorder our stories and descriptions. We decided that we wanted our show to be more of a conversation, so during our stories everyone would talk and put in their input. I believe that idea …

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    Stories From Behind the Counter Progress


    We are on a roll within my group. We have already came up with so many ideas for our show. We met on the 5th and went over a bunch of the different aspects of the radio show. During the meeting we were able to come up with a radio …

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    Radio Bumper Sticker


    For this assignment I started off with using a site that was made for creating bumper stickers. The problem with the site that caused me to use a different one was the customization options. I switched over to using a site called Canva. This was a super easy site to …

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    Spooky Season


    Within this assignment, you must find some spooky sounds and create a scary audio clip. Select more than four sounds and overlap them on a program like Audacity. You can use Freesound to select your sounds. Make them as spooky as possible. Good luck!”

    This assignment was by far one …

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    Short and Sweet Transitional Song


    With audio programs, making a song from scratch suddenly becomes really, really easy. Programs like GarageBand come with their own loop selection, but if you are using a different program, try downloading bass riffs or back beats and go to town! Or download beats from Youtube- wherever. The challenge is …

  9. @wchiltonumw

    My View On Kidd’s View


    The point that Kidd made that stood out to me the most was his speed bump example. He said that a man designed a bump to slow people down, but not a graphic design example which would be slow down bump ahead. This truly shows the separation of the two …

  10. @wchiltonumw

    Take My Card


    We’re reaching a time in our lives where professionalism is key. Use photoshop to create your own business card to advertise who you are.”

    I obviously based my business card to DS 106. I think that every element that was a part of this card played a role. I used …

  11. @wchiltonumw

    My Tag


    Design your own license plate! You can use an online site, alter a preexisting photo, or make your own from scratch. Make the license plate describe either your or a character. Your license plate design should have two part to it: designing the background for the plate and designing the …

  12. @wchiltonumw

    My Bob Shirt


    For this assignment, you get to design your very own t-shirt! Find a blank t-shirt template, then add a picture or some text. It could be a joke, a pop culture reference, a movie quote, or anything else you want.”

    There was no doubt in my mind that Bob would …

  13. @wchiltonumw

    Life as Chocolates


    Choose one of your favorite movie quotes and insert the quote over an image from the movie you chose.”

    When I first read this assignment directions Forest Gump immediately came into thought. I believe that this picture represents this message so well. This picture of him is simple and so …

  14. @wchiltonumw

    My Ideal Radio Show


    While thinking about the question of what will my radio show consist of I automatically thought of Ross. This is a good thing because we are supposed to incorporate our theme into the show somehow. I was thinking we could take one of his videos and just listen to the …

  15. @wchiltonumw

    Discussing DS 106 Radio


    It was such a fun time being able to actively discuss DS 106 Radio while listening to it. I believe that we had great participation from everyone. I also think that a lot of good points were brought up in our discussions. All of the different pieces that went into …

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