Unit 12: Final Project and Wrap Up

Not technically a course this is another experiment in offering a full ds106 experience to open participants based on previous syllabi taught at the University of Mary Washington (UMW). The first was August-December 2013 as a “Headless ds106”. This Open ds106 is a re-organization of that experience, but without references to date or time- this could be something individuals or groups could do at any time, at any pace. See the full index to learn more.

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It seems just like yesterday that you were fresh new ds106 recruits doing laps around Bootcamp, but you should be seeing the signs ahead. That’s right, everyone, we are in the final unit of open ds106.

A message about the drive to create and also the idea that you get better by continuing to exercise your creativity.

I think it was at springtime 2012, when I came across David Shiyang Lius lovely piece of work about Ira Glass. It was the most inspiring and motivating video, I have ever seen in my life. I watched it over and over again, listened to Ira Glass' voice and told myself, that I am not the only person who is constantly disappointed about the gap between ones taste and ones skills. Later on in 2012 I decided to do an own filmed version of Iras interview – use my own language to tell his message. It took me about a year from concept to upload.

I made it for myself and for anybody who is in doubt with his/her creative career. I also think that Ira Glass' message isn't only limited to the creative industry. It can be applied to everyone who starts out in a new environment and is willing to improve.

Ira Glass whom I've never met in real life but had such a big influence in my development. Thank you for telling beginners, what nobody else does.

The Big Finale, A Comprehensive Story Project
Tutorials, Assignments. Daily Creates Created
Paying it Forward With Advice
Organizing Your Blog
Final Unit Summary

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Yes, this is the end of this line. But as someone who has epxerienced ds106, I bet you are not ready to stop making art. Stick around and do more assignments, daily creates, radio broadcasts, encourage others in Twitter and Google+.

Or encourage some others you know to try the Open ds106, and you can mentor them. Maybe you want to teach your own class and make it a part of the community.

Or just sit back and relax.

For a short time.

Keep making art.

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