Unit 4: Listening to Audio

Not technically a course this is another experiment in offering a full ds106 experience to open participants based on previous syllabi taught at the University of Mary Washington (UMW). The first was August-December 2013 as a “Headless ds106”. This Open ds106 is a re-organization of that experience, but without references to date or time- this could be something individuals or groups could do at any time, at any pace. See the full index to learn more.

Diving into Audio

This unit in ds106 we’re going to be diving into our first storytelling genre: audio. Working with sound often seems daunting, so we’ll be easing you into by focusing first on our listening. Nearly all previous ds106 students start here dreading audio, and in a few weeks they totally change their mind once they understand by experience the power of creating in and manipulating it as deftly as the edit text in a word processor.

We’ll ask you to do some listening exercises as well as complete some basic audio story editing. By the end of the unit, we suggest you to start forming groups for the mid-course project: creating a 20-30 minute radio show. You’ll have several units to work on this project, and we’ll be returning to audio in greater depth by unit 7.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Will Folsom

Inspiration: How to Truly Listen

About Audio Storytelling
Introduction to Audio Techniques
Listening to Stories
Listening to ds106 Radio
Google Hangout on Broadcasting on ds106radio
Time to Form Groups!
Your First Audio Stories
Daily Creates
Unit Summary


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