Unit 2: Getting Through Bootcamp / Personal Cyber Infrastructure

Not technically a course this is another experiment in offering a full ds106 experience to open participants based on previous syllabi taught at the University of Mary Washington (UMW). The first was August-December 2013 as a “Headless ds106”. This Open ds106 is a re-organization of that experience, but without references to date or time- this could be something individuals or groups could do at any time, at any pace. See the full index to learn more.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by The National Guard

Congratulations! You’ve been through your first unit of ds106 bootcamp. This unit, we’ll be continuing to work our way through the ds106 obstacle course as you work on customizing your blogs, wrap your heads around the wonderful world of tagging, ponder the concepts of personal digital spaces, and attempt to complete your very first digital story assignment.

Before We Dive In How About a Little Inspiration?

Customizing Your Blog
A Personal Cyberinfra... What?
Do Some Daily Creates- At Least One
Your First Digital Story
Double GIF Bonanza!
On Blog Writing
Unit Summary Checklist


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