1. plowenthal

    Special issue on Online/Remote/Distance Supervision


    Special issue on Online/Remote/Distance Supervision

    Special issue editors: Swapna Kumar, University of Florida, USA Gina Wisker, University of Bath, UK 

    The main focus of this special issue is experiences, practices, and challenges of online/remote/distance supervision in doctoral programs and professional educational development for online/remote/distance supervisors. Supervisors and students have needed …

  2. plowenthal

    Call for Papers: Innovations in Remote Instruction: Impact on Students’ Socioemotional and Cognitive Outcomes

    Innovations in Remote Instruction:
    Impact on Students’ Socioemotional and Cognitive Outcomes A special issue call for papers

    Among the pressing concerns raised to the forefront amid the COVID-19 pandemic are the best modes and practices of remote instruction. Technology, Mind, and Behavior is seeking empirical manuscripts for consideration in a …

  3. plowenthal

    Special Issue “Pivoting from Diversity Toward Transformative Scholarship and Practice for Advancing Equity in Higher Education”

    Special Issue Editors Dr. Sylvia Hurtado Website
    Guest Editor School of Education and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521, USA
    Interests: campus racial climates; diversity in higher education; diversifying the science, engineering, mathematics, and the biomedical workforce; organizational change and transformation Dr. Krystle Palma Cobian Website
  4. plowenthal

    Call for Chapters: Transforming Teachers’ Online Pedagogical Reasoning for Teaching K-12 Students in Virtual Learning Environments


    Call for Chapters
    Transforming Teachers’ Online Pedagogical Reasoning for Teaching K-12 Students in Virtual Learning Environments

    Margaret (Maggie) Niess
    Oregon State University
    [email protected]

    Henry Gillow-Wiles
    Oregon State University
    [email protected]

    Submission details
    Submit proposals to: https://www.igi-global.com/publish/call-for-papers/call-details/4854
    Proposal submission deadline: October 24, 2020
    Notification of acceptance: November 7, 2020
    Full chapters …

  5. plowenthal

    Call for Chapter Proposals: Quality in Online Programs: Approaches and Practices in Higher Education


    Quality in Online Programs: Approaches and Practices in Higher Education

    Swapna Kumar & Patricia Arnold, Editors

    A Book in the Series “Leadership and Best Practices in Educational Technology Management” (Brill/AECT) – Christopher Miller and Anthony Piña, Series Editors

    The book will focus on approaches and practices adopted for quality assurance, …

  6. plowenthal

    Journal of Applied Instructional Design Special Issue 2020 – Call for Proposals


    Attending to Issues of Social Justice through Learning Design

    Special Issue Editors 

    Dr. Theodore J. (TJ) Kopcha, Associate Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology, Dept. of Career and Information Studies, University of Georgia. [email protected]

    Dr. Tutaleni I. Asino, Associate Professor of Educational Technology and Director, Emerging Technologies and Creativity Research …

  7. plowenthal

    Call for Papers: Education in the Time of Pandemic


    AERA Open Special Topic Call for Papers

    Education in the Time of Pandemic

    Special Topic Editors: Jacquelynne Eccles and John Yun

    Local and global crises, whether the results of natural disasters, war, or mass recessions, have a huge impact on educational systems. This has rarely been more evident than during …

  8. plowenthal

    Call for Articles on COVID-19 – Special Issue of Online Learning


    The Editors of the Online Learning journal wish to invite researchers to publish in a special issue devoted to the lessons learned about online learning from the COVD-19 crisis, including the challenges faced by teachers and students in the unexpected transition to distance learning, institutional or community supports which helped …

  9. plowenthal

    Call for papers — Emergency Remote Education: methodological, technological, organizational and policy issues


    IJET invites authors to submit contributions that can deepen our knowledge about issues of a methodological, technological, organisational or policy nature (as well as combinations thereof) that are related to what has been termed “Emergency Remote Education (ERE)” (Williamson, Eynon, & Potter, 2020) or “Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT)” (Hodges et …

  10. karenatsharon



    So I follow Laura Gibbs regularly on Twitter @OnlineCrsLady. I was first introduced to her work while I was taking #etmooc and her knowledge, advice and approach to education always encourages me to explore an issue more, engage more or just rethink an issue. Or it can reinforce what I …

  11. karenatsharon

    Remote Elementary and Secondary Teaching


    It’s been awhile so forgive me for the long post but I feel I have to write something in the age of Zoom and remote emergency teaching because I am hearing a lot of horror stories coming from parents about what has been sent home and how much screen time …

  12. plowenthal

    Call for Proposals: Visual Media for Global Learning


    The purpose of this TECHTRENDS special issue is to showcase the latest and leading international research in the design, deployment and evaluation of visual or media literacy practices supported by educational technology. The special issue welcomes submissions from all researchers and practitioners who are designing, developing, and evaluating ICT-supported learning …

  13. plowenthal

    Call for Papers for Special Issue: Learners and Learning Contexts


    Learners and Learning Contexts: International Perspectives on New Alignments for the Digital Age

    Special Issue Editors
    Dr. Joke Voogt, Professor of ICT and Curriculum, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands  – [email protected]

    Dr. Gerald Knezek, Professor of Learning Technologies, University of North Texas, USA  – [email protected]


    Educational researchers and policy …

  14. plowenthal

    Call for Proposals — Teaching Digital Literacy: A Faculty Guide to Integrating Digital Skills with Disciplinary Content


    Proposals are now being sought for an edited collection entitled Teaching Digital Literacy: A Faculty Guide to Integrating Digital Skills with Disciplinary Content. This book will discuss how digital literacy is taught throughout the academy. Digital literacy is often a focus of professionals with specific expertise in the area (educational …

  15. plowenthal

    Call for Papers: History of Educational Technology


    IET, and now is largely seen as synonymous with internet based technology. It remains however a field that does not systematically record or analyse its own history. In order to better appreciate new developments, and link these into a deeper historical context, JIME seeks to gather a collection of papers …

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