1. dogtrax

    Daily Create: DawnRise

    The prompt for today’s DS106 Daily Create was about a “dawn chorus” and I patched together a little song with an image of a dawn over a horse farm I drive by every day on my way to school. Peace (and quiet), Kevin
  2. dogtrax

    A Foolproof Guide to Daily Creating

    ds106 is Open flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0) (Note: this blog post is via a daily prompt from the DS106 Daily Create, which had us using a site to generate titles for a blog post and then to write that blog post. My phrase […]
  3. dogtrax

    Chordiflora Harmoniosa

    Today’s DS106 Daily Create prompt was to “be a plant” and so I thought, let me invent a musical plant that doesn’t exist. I used ChatGPT to help me think of some musical scientific names and then Adobe Firefly to create an image of a plant with a musical theme, and then Soundtrap to compose […]
  4. dogtrax

    World Poetry Day: Finding A Poem

    For World Poetry Day, the daily prompt at DS106 Daily Create was to explore poetry of endangered languages. I went black-out with mine, using a collection and some text from the editor. A simple idea: collect poems in endangered languages Help document how poetry exists The conversations and encounters with poets from all over the […]
  5. dogtrax

    Daily Create: Coloring

    The prompt for this morning’s Daily Create via DS106 was to use Scrap-Coloring to color an image or file. I’ve used the site before and it’s easy to get lost in it, particularly if the image has a lot of little details. I chose the cover design of my album of sound sketches from last […]
  6. dogtrax

    Make A Stamp

    Today’s DS106 Daily Create by Sarah is to make a stamp for the Daily Create. I found an online tool to do that, and used an image of art supplies and the Daily Create lettering. The Make A Stamp activity reminded me of a song some of us collaborated on for the CLMOOC Postcard Project […]
  7. dogtrax

    Daily Create: Gratitude Zine

    Today’s prompt for the DS106 Daily Create, by Sarah, is to use Austin Kleon’s idea for making a Gratitude Zine through art. I created a front page of a zine, and posted it via Mastodon, where I share my Daily Create responses every morning, but I am grateful, too, if you have arrived here at […]
  8. dogtrax


    This was my response to the DS106 Daily Create prompt yesterday, about naming that time between sleep and wakefulness. I often wake with snippets of song lyrics in my mind. (I had submitted the prompt after reading an interest post of sharing by someo...
  9. dogtrax

    Radio Poem

    This morning’s Daily Create was to listen to the radio, and grab some lyrics, and then make a poem. I used an online radio streaming site, bounced around, and grabbed some words. Peace (and sound), Kevin
  10. dogtrax

    DS106: Remix Monday (Week 4)

    I’m doing a five-week, every-Monday remix of a piece of art from the earlier days of DS106. (Read more about what I am up to here). This is week four. So one more week to go. It’s unusual for me to stay with something like over many weeks time. I am usually a move-quick and […]
  11. dogtrax

    DS106: Remix Monday (Week 3)

    I’m doing a five-week, every-Monday (unless I space out and forget to get it done) remix of a piece of art from the earlier days of DS106. (Read more about what I am up to here). This is week three. For this week’s remix, I took the text of the image about remix, and used […]

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