Unit 8: Telling Stories Within the Web

Not technically a course this is another experiment in offering a full ds106 experience to open participants based on previous syllabi taught at the University of Mary Washington (UMW). The first was August-December 2013 as a “Headless ds106”. This Open ds106 is a re-organization of that experience, but without references to date or time- this could be something individuals or groups could do at any time, at any pace. See the full index to learn more.

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In this unit we move to a different kind of storytelling, one that uses the space of existing web sites as a place for you to assert your own stories. The are not just stories on the web, they are of the web. They use the affordances of the web as its own genre.

This might be a subtle distinction, but so far you have been using media (images, design, and audio) to create stories in the web spaces you publish to- this is writing stories ON the web. In this week, we play with this idea in a new way, in that you will be asked to use the affordances of other web sites to change their intent, meaning, or purpose to tell a story in those spaces.

Inspiration: Not Your Grandfather’s Resume

Rather than doing a standard textbook resume like the teach you in school, Philippe Dubost created a site to feature his skills and experience formed and functioning as an Amazon product page where he himself is the product:


If you examine the page, every bit has been re-crafted to fit the story of Philippe as well as both the style and features familiar to Amazon shoppers.

A resume not ON the web, but OF the web. Get it?

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