1. @E_Spengler

    Guess! That! Object!!!


    Directions – ” Take a close up picture of something as see if people can guess what it is. Try doing the skin or outside of something that would make it hard for someone to guess!

    Behind the Story: Due to this week’s theme I was able to use my …

  2. @E_Spengler

    Lady and the Tramp “Reproduction”


    Directions – ” Pose as a part of your favorite movie scene, or just a famous movie scene in general. From the Titanic to Jurassic World, there are plenty of memorable images that would be fun to recreate. The more creative (or ridiculous), the better! Post the original beside your …

  3. @Michael63961786

    Photography in the 1980’s


    I’ve looked at some photos from the 80’s on google and I found a lot of pictures with a political agenda. You can definitely see there was some conflict in the political landscape back then. Of course even today there is still conflict when it comes to politics. I also …

  4. @gannon1980s

    Photography Tips


    While I’m by no means a pro at photography, there are a few basic tips about photography that I know are extremely helpful when trying to get good photos.

    The first tip is using the Rule of Thirds. I learned this back in high school when I started taking a …

  5. @shealanclark

    Week 4 Summary-Photography


    Photography week is definitely one I easily got myself lost in. I enjoy the challenge of finding a “new” abandoned building(though I didn’t use it for any of the assignments). I also loved being introduced to Annie Leibovitz and the malls of the 1980 ‘s. What’s beautiful is that it’s …

  6. @shealanclark

    Film Photography Tips


    Since this course is 1980’s themed I figured I’d go ahead and do tips on film photography. There are things you have to keep in mind when you want to shoot a good unfiltered picture on film. You have to be more purposeful. Film is limited, so take all the …

  7. @gannon1980s

    ds106 Photo Assignments


    This week I was tasked with completing 8 stars worth of assignments involving photos on the ds106 assignment bank. Here’s my results:

    9-Step Photo Collage (3 Stars)

    Cropped Signs (2 Stars

    Create A Game of Thrones House (3 Stars)…

  8. @gannon1980s

    A Day of My Life


    For this day of my life I used photos to represent my average weekday. Most days i go to work, school and come home to do homework.…

  9. @shealanclark

    In History


    Since it is hard for me to take a full-body picture of myself, I decided to use an old picture of me doing a bigfoot pose for this little project. I would like to tackle this assignment again with a little help in taking a better picture for the task.…

  10. @shealanclark

    A Day in the Life (a visual story)


    This is a typical day in my life when I am not at school or when my children are at their dad’s house. This particular weekend involved potting my new plants and testing out one of my Polaroids. My picture was distorted, because the film got stuck. I had also …

  11. @shealanclark

    Summary week 3


    Storytelling is something that is all around us. It is something we need to familiarize ourselves with in order to compete and stay relevant. Although stories do follow the same overused outline there are ways to brand a story in a way that makes it refreshing. It is no secret …

  12. @shealanclark

    Letter from out of the blue


    I recently just joined a postcard club and will be sending out postcards this week. I have already received 3 since joining. My plan is to find a stack of old unused postcards from an antique store and use my typewriter to write them out. I will update this post …

  13. @Michael63961786

    Writing Assignment: I’m a real boy


    If I was to spend a single day as someone it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger. He may be older now but he’s still physically stronger than I’ll ever be. I would spend a good part of my day seeing what I could lift. I would then spend the rest of …

  14. @Michael63961786

    Writing Assignment:Facing Your Fears


    I am a spider, a small and often harmless thing. I spin my webs to capture the bugs that plague your house. As I come down to crawl across the floor I see a titan walk closer with a heavy object at hand. I see a shadow descend as my …

  15. @E_Spengler

    My Poem Parody

    Invictus Chef of our Curries (Parody) By William Ernest Henley By Morgan Perez Out
    of the night that covers me, Out
    of the cave that covers thee, Black
    as the pit from pole to pole, Dark
    as the pit from wall to wall, I
    thank whatever gods may be I…
  16. @shealanclark

    Happy music


    For this assignment I debated about using the emotion “inspiring” since the songs I find that make me happy, pumped, or just plain emotional I find them to also be inspiring. So I decided to just go with happy to narrow it down.

    The first song is called Home by …

  17. @gannon1980s

    Week 3 – Shape of Stories


    This week had pretty simple tasks but they still kept me busy.

    For starters I went onto Twitter and participated in some Daily Create activities. My twitter handle is @gannon1980s

    After that I watched a couple videos. One was over good forms of storytelling and the other was over how …

  18. @gannon1980s

    Writing Advice


    This week I have been tasked with finding a couple good resources for advice on writing. I myself am not great at writing but am trying to get better so researching advice should also help me as well.

    For my first resource I found an article from Goins, Writer:


  19. @shealanclark

    Nonhuman Perspective


    Some people sprayed me the other day. It left a mark. They were chased away by flashing lights before they could finish. I enjoyed their company and I hope they will come back to visit me again. It was nice not feeling forgotten in this dark alley. Why were they …

  20. @gannon1980s

    ds106 Writing Assignments


    One of my assignments this week was to complete 10 stars worth of assignments in the writing section of the ds106 assignment bank.

    This week I completed:

    assignments.ds106.us/assignments/instagram-is-done-describe-your-lunch-to-me/ (3.5 stars)

    For lunch today I made a sandwich. This sandwich was made with rotisserie seasoned sliced chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, …

  21. @E_Spengler

    Tell it / Tweet it

    Lunar Dependence

    The time was almost upon them. They had waited twenty-three hours for this. The moon was almost aligned. Maybe this time they would learn their lesson.
    It had been ten years since the global power outage. Now their only source of power came from a solar plant on …

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