1. @Michael63961786

    Refection Summary


    The company I chose to knock off was Arby’s. I changed the cowboy hat for a top hat for its logo. I tried to think of something more 80,s themed but I failed to come up with something. The shape of the hat isn’t great because I’m not great at …

  2. @shealanclark

    Final Project


    For this project I decided to go with option one. I really enjoyed making that mini-documentary and wanted to try my hand at it again. It took me about a week to finally figure out who or want I wanted the documentary to be about. I remembered a conversation I …

  3. @gannon1980s

    Daily Create Support


    I created some prompts for Daily Creates. I made:

    Food Paste: What food would be your favorite if all food was in paste form?

    Last Meal: If you got to pick your last meal, what would it be?

    Holiday Tradition: What is a holiday tradition that you have?

    You’re an …

  4. @gannon1980s

    Final Project


    This is my final project! Pastee-Freez!

    The name is a twist on the restaurant chain called Tastee-Freez. Pastee-Freez is a paste based restaurant chain. For my project I created a series of GIFs that are over on my Twitter along with a tweet with the company logo.

    I created my …

  5. @gannon1980s

    Week 12 – Mini Documentary


    This week I was tasked with creating a mini documentary. For my interview I got in contact with a friend of mine who knows someone who has just become an ambassador for the college of education at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. She was glad to help me with …

  6. @shealanclark

    Week 10 Summary: Mini-Doc


    This week I went and filmed the footage I would need for my mini-doc. I spent nearly all day at my daughters school on Friday. I ended up not having class that day so it was the perfect day for this project. I got a lot of good footage of …

  7. @E_Spengler

    Weekly Summary 9/10


    Last track of what week it is. This week I have been assigned to create a mini-documentary about a member of my community. The final product should be between 2-3 minutes long.…

  8. @gannon1980s

    Week 9 – Video


    This week of tasks was pretty simple. The planning of my mini documentary is going pretty well and I think it will turn out well. The video assignments this week were a good refresher on video editing and worked well to help familiarize me with new video editing software. Overall, …

  9. @gannon1980s

    Mini Documentary Progress


    This week I have been tasked with creating a mini documentary. So far I have found my subject and have scheduled to meet with them. I am currently working on compiling questions to ask them during the interview. I think the project will turn out well.…

  10. @Michael63961786

    Radio show


    For the radio show I edited an interview with Steve Jobs and David Burnham from 1981 about computers and their role in the future. I chose this interview because I found it interesting how people viewed computers back then and that we still have the a lot of the same …

  11. @gannon1980s

    Radio Show Progress


    This week I finished my contribution to the class radio show. I created a mashup of radio commercials from the 80s that all lead into each other.…

  12. @shealanclark

    Radio Show week 2 Summary


    For the radio show I don’t feel like the group collaborated much, but rather everyone kinda did their own thing. At least we announced what we were going to be doing so that we didn’t end up all doing the same thing like commercials and what not. I am curious …

  13. @shealanclark

    Radio News


    This week I decided that for my 5 minutes of the radio show I’d do a news piece on “current” events and trends in 1986. We are not doing a certain year, but I figured I’d just focus on one year since it’s a news bit. In order to find …

  14. @E_Spengler

    1980s Radio Commercial


    Directions: ” Create a 30-45 second radio commercial for a product from the 80’s. Add in some background music and/or sound effects to make it sound like a real radio commercial. “

    Behind the Story: This assignment was heavily guided by my girlfriend’s love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. …

  15. @shealanclark

    Summary Radio Show week 1


    This week we were assigned to do a group project to produce our own 80’s themed radio show. Our group was very late in getting together, but we were finally able to connect. I went ahead and created a commercial for the show. I know one other person also created …

  16. @gannon1980s

    Week 7 – Online Radio Show


    This week was a time consuming one. Me and the rest of the class are getting ready to put together an online radio show. Along with starting the work on the radio show we were also tasked with creating a poster or graphic for the show and completing a few …

  17. @gannon1980s

    Radio Show Progress


    For the radio show, the members of the class have been working using Microsoft Teams. Using this app we can easily communicate and share our progress. We have thrown around a few ideas of how to create the show but we haven’t decided on the way we’re going to do …

  18. @gannon1980s

    ds106 Radio Show Poster


    One of the objectives for this week was to create some sort of poster or graphic to go along with the radio we’re working on. I created this poster using a background that represents some of the colors and patterns that the 80s are known for. I also added in …

  19. @gannon1980s

    Make it 800% Slower


    One of the assignments I chose this week was the Make it 800% Slower assignment. For this assignment I took a popular 80s song, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, and slowed it down to turn it into something else. I didn’t slow the song down all the way to 800% …

  20. @gannon1980s

    80’s Product Radio Commercial


    For one of my audio assignments this week, I created an 80s themed commercial for a new boombox that is trying to compete with the Sony Walkman. I used an 80s electronic loop for the background and recorded some audio for the narration.

    The audio I used was made by …

  21. @shealanclark

    1980’s Soda Commercial


    For the radio show I decided to make an 80’s themed soda commercial. I decided it would be best to just make a fictional one. I looked up popular 80’s slang and chose to go with Chill Bomb Soda for the name of the product.

    #ds106 # AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments2479 …

  22. @shealanclark

    DS106 Radio Logo


    When I started this logo I was trying to incorporate a boombox, but the way I went about implementing it, it came out terrible so I completely scratched that and went with this design instead. I also decided to add the blue “Radio” shadow to it to create more interest. …

  23. @E_Spengler

    A Tattoo that represents me


    Directions: ” Create a tattoo that can represent your personality type. Tell us about your tattooo, and what does it means to you. If there is any thing supersticious about your tattoo, share it with us. You can hand design your own unique tattoo on a plane paper, or you …

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