1. boscoe6393

    Feather Duster Apophenia



    feather duster





    Is that a green raccoon tail hanging on the wall? Nope, that is just a plain ol’ feather duster. If you stare at it long enough, you can easily mistake it for a raccoon tail or even Mountain Dew spilling out the can. …

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    My first Flickr set!


    Hello everyone, you may have seen these images before, but it wouldn’t hurt to see them again! Earlier this week, I created an album/set on Flickr of my favorite images and photos that I created or took. There are few from my five frame story and the rest are from …

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    #tdc1352 Print all over me!


    Today’s daily create required me to add some icons to a photo, so I decided to use a panel from a Scott Pilgrim graphic novel and give him tears to make him seem a bit more sad.

    Scott's sad. I added tears to this panel to make Scott a bit …

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    Weekly Summary #4


    For this week, I was assigned to do: Reflections on the Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos, Summary of the radio stories with the techniques they used, three audio assignments, and four daily creates.

    Starting with my daily creates  for the week, I created a book cover for the daily …

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    Listening to Stories


    Drone It To Me, Baby

    For this story,  I noticed the producer used some upbeat music that was in sync with the story of someone  who was preparing to build a drone.  Throughout this video, you can slightly hear the background noise or the sound of the surroundings. At certain …

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    Letting the demons take him over, Shia Labeouf is trying to motivate everyone listening to “JUST DO IT!”. Don’t listen to him though. You shouldn’t trust anyone with a demonic voice anyway. It could be possible that he is fighting the demons off since he voice is constantly changing throughout …

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    Let The Swords Do The Talking


    Two may enter, one may leave. These two warriors meet in the field to take each others head, but only  one is successful after a long battle of clashing swords. This short audio story leaves a few questions: Who is the victor? Was he in the right or was he …

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    My first Radio Bumper


    Here we have the rookie radio broadcaster, Bosco, entertaining his audience with some pop music while hosting a one million dollar giveaway. Pretty cool, right? Honestly, I’ve always wanted to try to being a radio broadcaster or doing something with radio when I was younger. When I was creating this …

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    Graphic Novel Disassembly Project for Engl386


    I decided to make this disassembly assignment a continuation of the blog post I created a few weeks ago. This GIF is my interpretation of the graphic novel, Seconds, where the main character, Katie, keeps eating magic mushrooms to rewrite her past. I interpreted the story in a way that …

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    Jad Abumrad Reflection


    After watching Jad Abumrad’s video, I find myself in agreement with what he is saying. Radio broadcasts are pretty special compared to what we use now to view stories(computers, television, etc.). Stories are shown to us using images, sounds, props, and characters, but for a radio broadcast we have to …

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    Ira Glass Reflection


    Anecdotes and reflections are the two main building blocks that Ira Glass goes in great detail about when he is describing his view on storytelling. Glass mentions that once these building blocks are meshed together, you have to make sure that the story you are telling keeps the listener’s attention. …

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    #tdc1345 Suck it up Buttercup!


    For this assignment, we had to a book that everyone needs on their shelf at home(not really). I decided to create a bookcover that represents Shia Labeouf’s motivational video. 500 pages of “JUST DO IT!” and other motivational phrases

    @ds106dc JUST DO IT! Is a book everyone needs #tdc1345 #ds106

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    Weekly Summary #3


    This week’s assignments were: What is storytelling?, Analyze a movie or book using Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories and give a digital story example, Review a student project, Tell a story with photos and give a reflection, Comment on blogs, and last, but not least, do four daily creates.

    For the …

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    Five Frame Story Reflection


    For this assignment,  I decided to use some figures that I’ve been collecting to create a story out of them. The story is about two masked characters thatare having a never-ending conflict. As you take look at the images, you can see that they are about to begin another …

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    Comment Summary


    Going through the many pages of blog posts created by my fellow classmates, quite a few interesting posts I wanted to comment on. I decided to go to Miles‘ blog and further discuss how our lines of poetry meshed together since he commented on mine earlier in the week. …

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    #tdc1342 Reservoir Logs


    For this daily create, we were given the task to change  one letter in a movie title and then draw a picture about it. I jumped the gun a bit due to it being early in the morning when I created this image. I figured I should upload it anyway …

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    Appreciating Past DS106 Stories


    I really enjoy the story this video tells. Emily May  did a wonderful job piecing together a story of her cross country journey from New Jersey to California. What I really like about this story is how it makes the viewer feel like they are along for the ride. With …

  18. boscoe6393

    The Shape of Stories – The Vonnegut Approach


    I chose the Disney film, The Lion King, for this assignment because of how Simba’s emotions go all over the place due to being conflicted. To create this model, I just used the program, Paint , and create a few straight lines and bent them to how  the story went. …