1. @morgan_ds106

    Rouge Agents Radio Show!


    Here is my group’s radio show! Please give it a listen! I hope you all like it! It was super fun to make.

    Here’s how my group came to make this:

    We first pinned down our idea which was to have a game show type theme. With that we had …

  2. @morgan_ds106

    Week 7 Summary


    This week has given me a new respect for those people that can manipulate audio in cool ways. Creating audio works can be very fun and cool once its done. But getting it done is a very hard task. Especially, if you are not used to doing it. I spent …

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    Daily Creates!


    This week we had to complete three daily creates!

    Horses are amazingly smart creatures. They can learn some pretty hard things. But they can get themselves in some of the stupidest situations. For example, a few summers ago my friend’s horse stuck his head inbetween a tree and got his …

  4. @morgan_ds106

    Radio Show Progress


    We are only in the beginning stages of creating our radio show. We have made some great progress however. We already know that we want our show to resemble a game show, which gives us a lot of possibilities! As of right now, our main game is two truths and …

  5. @morgan_ds106

    Rouge Agents


    We have come up with two possible bumpers so far:

    ” Welcome back to Rouge Agents Radio! Stay tuned for today’s game, Two Truths and a Lie. We have Scott Wilton, Megan, and Jess Carter as our special guests this evening. So don’t touch that dial! You are in for …

  6. @morgan_ds106

    “Tomorrow Never Dies”


    For my final audio assignment, I created a solo vocal trio. The song, “Tomorrow Never Dies” was played in one of the old James Bond movies. If you ask me, the song makes me think of the movie, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. Kinda gave me the impression that her and …

  7. @morgan_ds106

    Hello Parody


    For my first audio assignment this week, I chose to create a parody of a song. It was a pretty fun assignment to create. I got the idea to use this song from a video I had seen on Facebook a while ago. Another lady made an equestrian themed parody …

  8. @morgan_ds106

    Week 6 Summary


    Design, design, and some more design. That was what this week was all about. Design is not my strong suit but I think I did alright for the little knowledge I had. As most of us figured out, design is all around us. It’s involved in everything we do. Everything …

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    My Two Cents On Design


    When it comes to design, I am very much an amateur. I’ve done a good amount of projects throughout the years where I’ve had to make posters or brochures. And those have turned out pretty nice. But that is just about all my experience with designing anything.

    I guess you …

  10. @morgan_ds106

    Let’s Add Some Color!


    This picture is from a dock through another trail I was on on Monday evening. This picture represents color in the design blitz assignment. The sunset was really beautiful that night. The oranges, yellows, purples, and pinks gave the sky a really warm feeling. It contrasts very well to the …

  11. @morgan_ds106

    Less is More


    I am all about the “less is more” phenomenon. Minimalism has become very popular and I feel that this picture represents this very well int he design aspect. This is a picture of a friend’s nails that I happened to notice. Minimalism is also very expressionistic in nature. Minimalism can …

  12. @morgan_ds106

    Blessed not Stressed


    I have this quote saved on my iPad as a wallpaper, and I decided to use it for this assignment. This photo is meant to represent typography. Not only is this a great quote, how it is displayed is important to this assignment. The background makes you feel clam and …

  13. @morgan_ds106

    Proportion of Depth


    I am out on trails that overlook the water quite a bit. I took this yesterday and I realized that I could use this for the design blitz assignment! As defined on the Design Resource page, “Proportion is the comparison of dimensions or distribution of forms. It is the relationship …

  14. @morgan_ds106

    Lost Dog!


    For my final design assignment for this week, I chose the 3 1/2 star assignment Missing Person assignment. This now puts me at 12 1/2 stars. The assignment said that we didn’t have to have a person missing so I chose to have my dog missing. Now if he ever …

  15. @morgan_ds106

    Bora Bora


    For this 3 star assignment we had to create a postcard. I really liked this assignment for a couple reasons. First, I think postcards are underrated and should be given more credit and shown more love. Second, I was able to look at a bunch of different islands on Google …

  16. @morgan_ds106

    My Name Re-Written


    For this 3 star assignment, I decided to use the Cool Letters.net website to recreate my name. But instead of using my actual name, I used my character’s name, Flaire.

    This assignment was fairly easy. There was not much direction except to be creative. I have always wish I could …

  17. @morgan_ds106

    Designer Duds


    For this 3 star assignment, I decided to change it up a little. I decided to base it off of two things. The first, is what I wear into HQ on a day-to-day basis. The second, an outfit I had to wear on a tactical field mission a few years …

  18. @morgan_ds106

    Week 5 Summary


    This week was kinda challenging in my opinion. Using Audacity was kinda hard to figure out and I still don’t have as good a grasp on it as I would like. I’m still working at it though. I was able to have some fun with all the different assignments. I …

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    DS106 Radio


    This is a very interesting radio show. I really liked the stories that were told in segments. It related back to all the audio assignments we had to do this week. The different sounds during the stories kinda helped tell you where the scene was taking place. And the different …

  20. @morgan_ds106

    Radio Brainstorm


    I have a few ideas on a cool project:

    Merge all of our characters together and form one big mission Fight against each other’s characters in some way Create an agency out of all our characters to fulfill a mission

    Don’t know if these are any good, but these are …

  21. @morgan_ds106

    My Old Life…


    This is how I used to start my days before I became an agent. Oh how I miss those days. Getting up early morning to go take care of my horses. I often dream about those days. When I awake, I am sad for a few moments. Don’t get me …

  22. @morgan_ds106

    Can You Guess Where You Are?


    For this assignment we had to create a place by using only sound. I made the music a little louder so that you wouldn’t be able to guess so easily. I was inspired to make this place because I was at a more modern version of this place last night. …

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