1. @CadillacezMedia

    Google Translate Fail


    In this 2 star assignment, I had to find a website that was in a foreign language and laugh at how awful the translation is when pressing the translate to English button using Google Chrome. This was pretty easy assignment because I already had an idea what website I was …

  2. @kelsfords106

    Kelsey’s Closet


    I througly enjoyed this assignment. I never even knew you could do this with legitamate websites. I chose the Nike website because I wear a lot of athletic clothes, pretty much everyday. This is why I renamed the Nike website Kelsey’s closet, especially since UMW is sponsored by Nike. Since …

  3. @CadillacezMedia

    Alienware Area 51 Customer Reviews


    In this assignment I had to use a Mozilla Firefox tool called X-Ray Goggles to edit a copy of a webpage’s html coding. I thought that the assignment seemed like it would be frustrating and difficult to complete. And after completing the assignment my opinion has changed only slightly due …

  4. @stherria1

    Week 13 Summary


    Week 13 brought about the web. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I guess the creativity came out of using web applications to produce stories and ideas. I guess, at least to me, it’s difficult to define this medium. I started out the week by completing a story …

  5. @stherria1

    Web Assignments – Google Translate Fail


    Original text:


    For this assignment, I simply looked up a Chinese news article and took a section out of it to be plugged into google translate. The resulting translation did not make much sense to say the least.

    According to news that the branch 72 , at 7:50 on …

  6. @skyhiser

    Updating Merrill’s Ride


    For this assignment, I decided to base the story on Merrill Shale having sold his wagon and upgraded after he started raking in poker winnings. I originally tried with both Autotrader and Ebay motors, but the code was seemingly too sophisticated for X-ray googles, so I went to craigslist …

  7. @stherria1

    Web Assignments – Privacy on the Web


    I found this assignment extremely interesting. The first part of the assignment asked us to think about open source tools:

    Count the number of open source programs you are using on your computer today. How many commercial software programs could be replaced with free and open source alternatives. I counted …

  8. @liamcaudill

    Web Assignment – Email! Email! Read All About It!


    I created an email advertising for tourism in Tombstone, Arizona, a town I’ve used a couple times in past assignments. This assignment uses the website Vertical Response to create this ad, and actually allows you to send it out to people, but a) I didn’t have emails to send it …

  9. @aslupek40

    Not You’re Grandfathers Resume




    I really struggled getting this assignment to work the way I wanted it to.  I intended to make a page with a baseball card being sold of myself.…

  10. @stherria1

    Web Assignments – Create Your Own Room


    I’m gonna admit, I used a friends pinterest account to gain access to their website. This is because I’m tired of creating all these darn accounts and trying to keep up with them. I’m a simple person, and I guess this can be conveyed into my dream room. I screen …

  11. @aslupek40

    Google Map Trip



    This is the trip that Andy the bank robber took to rob three banks in the west.

    He began his trip with the Bank of Denver, then he traveled to the Bank of Albuquerque, then the Bank of Arizona.  These banks allowed for him to collect over $500,000.


  12. @aslupek40

    Socialize Your Media


    This these are the three accounts that Andy the Bank Robber on the internet.

    This assignment was difficult in making sure that they all have similar connections to each other and were able to reflect a character from a time period before there was an internet.…

  13. @chrissy_gaul

    Senior Day …. and I’m crying


    Well this week certainly was a roller coaster. Being a web week made it so much fun for me. I especially love that I get to find new web tools like some of the ones I used for assignments and play around with them for a little bit. I did …

  14. @chrissy_gaul

    The Real Web Storytelling


    #tdc1550 #dailycreate #ds106 Corgi puppies make the world go ’round. pic.twitter.com/2mDnLhDKLC

    — Christina Gaul (@chrissy_gaul) April 6, 2016

    #tdc1548 #dailycreate #ds106 Since today feels a little bit like winter…. pic.twitter.com/BxHd2ViCgb — Christina Gaul (@chrissy_gaul) April 5, 2016

    #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1557 Mont Blanc https://t.co/Jl9lgVHIWd pic.twitter.com/7Y4AaIQlAp

    — Christina Gaul (@chrissy_gaul) April 12,

  15. @lmccuist0

    Web Worldwide: Week 13


    This week was a very busy week for me, so I definitely didn’t space out my assignments like I would have liked to. I kept up with the Daily Creates, though, so I do have that!

    We did web design this week, which was very new to me but a …

  16. @mezzmello

    Frequently Asked Questions


    The three and a half star assignment Personal Search Engine wasn’t too hard to complete.

    I used X-Ray Goggles to alter a preexisting search engine.


    The google search page was edited to resemble my product seen above.

    I played with the page until it was pretty bare, and I …

  17. @jsteele_ds106

    Week Thirteen: 4/15/16


    This week we worked with web storytelling. When I first read the assignments for this week I was not looking forward to it because they all sounded really hard and I wasn’t sure I could do them. To much surprise, they ended up not being that hard and actually fun …

  18. @mezzmello

    How the Andes Began


    I’m applying the four and a half star assignment How It All Began to this webpage. It directs us to detail the conglomeration of a group.

    I’ve chosen to describe how the Andean Volcanic Belt, which is composed of the Northern Volcanic Zone, Central Volcanic Zone, and Southern Volcanic Zone, …

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  1. Week 14: Happy Trails

    by John Starr, from Rangers Comics #54 http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/index.php?dlid=418

    So here we are in the last weeks of the semester, about to ride off in the sunset of Western106. It’s been a great ride, and everyone should be proud of all the work they’ve done. I really appreciate the consistent creative …

  2. Week 13: The Wild Wild Web

    4/8/16 – 4/15/16

    For this week’s adventure, we’re going to play with web storytelling. This should be fun. I am going to quote extensively from the Open ds106 Course:

    In this unit we move to a different kind of storytelling, one that uses the space of existing web sites …

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