1. @NatalieCPSC106

    Week 15-The Final Summary


    This week, for our final project, we were to create a story using some of the different forms media we learned about this semester. I chose to revolve my story around my created western character, Talie. I felt this was a great way to tie everything we learned about this …

  2. @NatalieCPSC106

    Talie’s Wild West Adventures!


    The final assignment for this semester was to tell a story using multiple forms of media such as video, design, audio, visuals, web, etc. I felt this final project was a great way to tie together all of the different aspects of media I learned about throughout the semester. As …

  3. @NatalieCPSC106

    Fundraiser Event Poster


    I decided to complete this assignment so I could incorporate it into my final project story. In my story, my created western character, Talie, is feeling down and looking for things to do to change her daily routine. She recently came across an advertisement for a running marathon that would …

  4. @NatalieCPSC106

    Event Advertisement


    I decided to complete this assignment so I would be able to include it in my Final Project story. I am revolving my story around my created western character, Talie. In this story, Talie has become bored of her everyday routine and has not felt like her normal self because …

  5. @marsbars610

    Dear Future Students


    I took this class spontanously because it sounded really cool and really fun, but here are things I learned along the way…..

    Don’t put things off for Friday!!! – I’m telling you its not fun The assignment banks are so fun, do the ones that interest you the most because…
  6. @marsbars610

    Never stop dreaming


    Day 1:


    I moved out West to make a new life for myself, I have never felt like I belonged in the Hampton’s. My heart just yearned for a different adventure than the one I was born in. I am a dreamer, and once I set my mind on …

  7. @stherria1

    The final idea (draft)


    I have to come up with a story, something that I can use as a final project. What better story to use other than my western character I have been working on this semester! I’m not that creative of an individual, so having a character with a background already created …

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  1. Week 14: Happy Trails

    by John Starr, from Rangers Comics #54 http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/index.php?dlid=418

    So here we are in the last weeks of the semester, about to ride off in the sunset of Western106. It’s been a great ride, and everyone should be proud of all the work they’ve done. I really appreciate the consistent creative …

  2. Week 13: The Wild Wild Web

    4/8/16 – 4/15/16

    For this week’s adventure, we’re going to play with web storytelling. This should be fun. I am going to quote extensively from the Open ds106 Course:

    In this unit we move to a different kind of storytelling, one that uses the space of existing web sites …

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