1. Ben Rimes

    This section of the tutorial…


    I’m finishing up my compliance modules for the year. Yes, I’m delinquent on getting them done. But in my defense I’m one of those odd balls that actually likes to sit through the modules and study them for instructional design elements, assessment choices in online learning, and evaluate their overall …

  2. Ben Rimes

    How to GIF for Newbs


    This week presents a culmination of many realities for me this school year:

    I’m taking lead on my school district’s improvement plan for the first time. I’m busy coordinating funding and professional development for our district-wdie STEM programs for next year. I’ve finally admitted that without actually writing anything, it’s…
  3. Ben Rimes

    Help Me #ds106, You’re My Only Hope


    This coming Tuesday, May 31st, I’ll be working with some English 11 students about turning written memoirs into digital stories. The teacher has given me carte blanche to introduce students to a wide range of media and forms for turning a written work into a 3-5 minute digital narrative. Needless …

  4. Ben Rimes

    Is Stoicism Appropriate in Ed Tech?


    I’m supposed to be an educational technology cheerleader for my school district. I’m supposed to champion the unrestrained exploration and adaptation of technology in all areas of K-12 learning. I’m supposed to network with individuals that have an insatiable curiosity and enthusiasm for educational technology in all of its many …

  5. Ben Rimes

    Reinventing Historical Propaganda Through Memes



    Providing hands-on challenges and tasks in History classes can be difficult; sure, economic simulations, debates,  and reenactments of significant events can all “juice” up a lesson or unit, but as a Social Studies minor, I encountered a lot more discussion and lecture-based History courses that I’d like to admit. …

  6. Ben Rimes

    Nervous About Video Projects?


    I have no problem putting myself in front of a camera and acting, performing, “hamming it up”, or delivering other recorded performance. It seems many Millennials are comfortable being YouTubers as well, putting themselves in front of the camera for school work, personal projects, or just sharing thoughts.

    However, I’ve …

  7. Ben Rimes

    Ever Experience a Monday on a Wednesday?


    My “Monday on a Wednesday” mood captured and immortalized as a GIF.

    This animated GIF brought to you courtesy of phhhoto. It’s been an interesting new social space/app for creating and sharing animated GIFs. There’s a lot of really creative art there, and I hope the community that continues …

  8. Ben Rimes

    Slow Down….Catch Your Breath


    How do you take the time to slow down, and catch your breath in the middle of a busy school year? Do you carve out your own “creative time?” Do you blog? Do you relax by the fire with a mug of something warm and a good book? Do you …

  9. Ben Rimes

    Happy ThanksGIFing


    I’ve been known to GIF my day on special occasions. Alan Levine even created an honorary #ds106 assignment in my name for the practice. And in honor of the the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, I thought I’d take a day to share what I’m grateful …

  10. Ben Rimes

    What a 5-hour Layover in O’Hare Feels Like


    Last week I flew to Madison, Wisconsin from South Bend, Indiana. There was a short layover in Chicago, and the entire trip was supposed to take a little more than 3 hours. It turns out, a small fire on a plane is good enough cause to ground it (thankfully) and …

  11. Ben Rimes

    For Your Consideration…a Funky Twilight Zone Ringtone


    I haven’t blogged about anything music-related since November of 2012. That’s criminal. Especially considering the last one was a lazy post with several different examples of teachers parodying Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. No I will not link to it, you can go search for it if you like. I’m going to …

  12. Ben Rimes

    Pressing the Panic Button


    It’s the end of the school year, end of term work is piling up on your desk and inbox,  it makes more sense to count the remainder of the instructional time you have with students in hours rather than days, and you feel like if a panic button magically appeared …

  13. Ben Rimes

    The Revolving Door of Technology in Education


    Let’s keep this relatively short and simple shall we? I’ve spent just a month shy of 10 years in education, and I feel as though some days I know just about as much as I did on day one in the teaching field. I’m not going to call it an …

  14. Ben Rimes

    My Animated GIF Birthday!


    It’s April 12th! It’s my Birthday! What better way to celebrate than a special edition of “My Animated GIF Day“! Come back throughout the day for updates with new GIFs…if you’re into that sort of thing


    5:56 am
    I’ve been up for about 30 minutes or so. …

  15. Ben Rimes

    A Serene GIF For the End of the Week


    My three year old son stole my wife’s iPad yesterday and took more than four dozen photos before we knew what was happening. I’m not sure what he was taking pictures of, but I created an animated gif from the images that showed up in my Photostream this morning. It’s …

  16. Ben Rimes

    How To: Multiple Video Layers in Premiere Pro


    I’ve had 3 snow days so far this week. That means I’ve had plenty of time to answer lots of emails, work on non mission-critical projects that have been piling up, have a bunch of fun with some media and digital storytelling, and catch up on some good old fashioned …

  17. Ben Rimes

    Allow Me to Introduce Myself


    I let myself get caught up with several of the new Google+ Communities over Christmas break. While I’ve mostly been seeing a lot of cross-posting by some of the bigger “ed tech” heavy-weights spamming opportunities and interesting articles across several communities (mostly good mind you), there have been a few …

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