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    Harry Potter


    I chose “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” for my story because it relates to the folklore theme with wizardry and dragons. There is some foreshadowing in this story such as when Harry had a dream about the graveyard, and when Moody acted weird at the beginning dinner scene …

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    Alphabet soup


    I chose to do this assignment because I have no idea where this story could lead, but I’d like to find out!

    As Berry crawled down escalators, fire gained him igniting Jesse’s knees. Laughing maniacally, nearby other people quietly ran straight towards unopened visible windows Xecuting yellow zombies.

    I know …

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    Bucket List


    The assignment I chose to do for two stars is to create a bucket list. I’ve made one years ago when I was in middle school, but I threw it away when I was about half a page into it. I think it’ll be fun to make another one, and …

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    Future Me?


    For this assignment I decided to write a letter describing what I believe my life will be like in 10 years from now. I chose this one because it would be neat to actually see what I thought my life would be like in 10 years when I don’t even …

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    My Week In a Nutshell


    So, this week was a lot. I wasn’t expecting so much work, but if you do space it out through the week, it doesn’t seem as overwhelming as when you first read the weekly assignments post.

    The daily creates are kind of fun for me. The only thing about them …

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    What Is This Giant DOING?!?!?!


    Spiders. Spiders people, I’m afraid of spiders. I don’t know where this irrational came from, but this assignment is going to make me tell the story as if it was the victim! I do try and get my fear under control by looking at cute spider memes, but that literally …

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    Post-Apocalyptic Design


    I decided to create an outfit for the main character Solara, or Mila Kunis. I decided to make an outfit for her post-apocalyptic movie, The Book Of Eli for this assignment because this used to be my favorite movie, and she’s such a bad ass in it! She is …

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    This is my first assignment that is going to be my Five Frame Story. I thought of this as my story because it describes me so well and how much I love to eat…especially sweets. It came to my head just looking through the pictures on my phone, and …

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    I thought A World Through Nature’s Eyes  was such a beautiful assignment post. My ultimate favorite pictures of nature that I have ever taken were clouds when I am on the top of mountains, or when I’m at the beach. I love the fact that they are ever changing and …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week wasn’t so hard. The biggest problem I had was trying to upload the media to the introduction blog post. The Instagram post gave me the hardest time, but with an email to the professor, I realized that your Instagram has to be set on public for the link …

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    A Magical Theme


    Honestly, I believe this is a great theme to assign this class because I think everyone can relate at least a small part of their lives or even their childhoods on it. Everyone knows the stories of Cinderella or even the wicked witch of the west. Individually, each person can …

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    All the Introductions


    Hi guys, this whole blogging thing isn’t my absolute favorite. I had to use domain of one’s own once before and I didn’t like it then either. These are all my intros, so if you watch or listen to one, they’re all relatively the same.

    What is up DS people! …

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