1. @tifamonster

    Radio Show Progress


    This week my group and I are working on finalizing our radio show. We are making sure everyone has completed their part so we can put it together, and then upload it to SoundCloud.

    Working on the radio show has been stress free because communicating with my group has been …

  2. @tifamonster

    Weekly Summary


    This week has been by far the least stressful.

    I thought working on the radio show would be difficult but my group made it easy thanks to our level of communication. We created a channel on Slack to communicate about the radio show which took a lot of stress off …

  3. @tifamonster

    MAGIC POP! Commercial


    For this assignment, we had to create a commercial around an object our favorite TV character would find useful. Though I do not have a favorite TV character, I thought I would use Archie Andrews from Riverdale because the season just started on Wednesday.

    Just in case you don’t …

  4. @tifamonster

    Why I Enrolled in DS106


    For this assignment, we had to discuss why we chose to enroll in DS106.

    To do this, I recorded myself and then added the audio to audacity. I completed the assignment by adding a song as background audio. The song was found on Purple Planet Music, a royalty-free music …

  5. @tifamonster

    Radio Show Poster


    For this assignment, I decided to create a poster for our radio show, instead of a commercial. I will be working on a commercial for the radio show and as part of the audio assignments this week.

    To create my poster, I first went into Google and searched “creepy unknown.” …

  6. @tifamonster

    Radio Show Update


    It is week one of working on our radio show.

    Finding a group was not difficult. I found them via the Excel Spreadsheet and Twitter. Once I was able to put together a group, a channel on Slack was created specifically for our group to communicate.

    First, we voted on …

  7. @tifamonster

    Website Logo


    For this assignment, we were instructed to create our own website logo. To do this, I looked up “crumpled paper background” on Google and selected this image. I then opened the image on Paint and added “The Legendary Blog of Tiffany Tueros” to the picture. I made sure to make …

  8. @tifamonster

    Sorry Chikfila


    When traveling through the South, especially when traveling to Richmond, VA, I always see billboards for Chikfila. There is usually a cow painted on the billboard which is instructing the public to eat more chicken.

    For this assignment, I created my own billboard and advertised a chicken telling the public …

  9. @tifamonster

    Introducing My New Book!


    That’s right! You read that right. Introducing my new book How To Love Yourself In A Society That Tells You Otherwise, an Amazon best-seller.

    To create this assignment, I looked for an image that represented what I wanted to have as my book cover and then opened the image on …

  10. @tifamonster

    Design Thoughts


    I am writing this paragraph before reading the required readings for this week. I am doing this because I am limited in what I know about design, but my older sister is a graphic designer. I have seen her work and I am always amazed and what she is able …

  11. @tifamonster

    Weekly Summary


    This week felt the longest. The audio assignments took longer to complete than any other assignment thus far. I think this is because I had to take time to learn how to use Audacity and how to add effects to our projects. However, I am glad that I got to …

  12. @tifamonster

    Radio Show Ideas


    When I think of a radio show, I think of an interesting show which leaves you wanting more and more. Sort of like reading a good book, only in this case it is a show so you want to listen more and more and find out what happens.

    I think …

  13. @tifamonster

    The City in Sounds


    For this assignment, I put together different sound effects to illustrate the sound of a busy city. I used New York City as inspiration for this assignment. I downloaded the sound effects and put them together on Audacity. It was not difficult to do and I enjoyed putting it together.…

  14. @tifamonster

    Ring Ring Ring! The Phone is Ringing!


    In this episode of “The Phone is Ringing!” we hear the conversation between Dr. Peters and his patient’s mother. They discuss the reason he is calling his patient and the mother informs the doctor she and her daughter will be right in to see him.

    To create this assignment, I …

  15. @tifamonster

    Sound Effects Story


    I found this assignment to be very interesting because we had to use sound effects to tell a story. I used six different sound effects – sleeping, barking dog, yawning, walking on hardwood floor, opening and closing a door, and outside birds – to tell this story. This is the …

  16. @tifamonster

    DS106 Radio Bumper


    For this assignment, were to create our own radio bumper for the DS106 radio. I used audacity to put the assignment together and download royalty free music from purple planet. I then recorded myself saying “You’re listening to DS106 radio. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Make sure to …

  17. @tifamonster

    My Thoughts on #ds106 Radio


    I decided to tune into Wednesday’s, September 26th, radio show to see what all the hype was about. At first I was confused, because I joined in late, but I quickly caught on and was fascinated by the radio show. It felt like I was listening to an audio book …

  18. @tifamonster

    Audio Reflection


    While listening to the beginning of “Moon Graffiti” I forgot that I was listening to a podcast for a second because of the use of dramatization and sound effects. It felt like I was watching a movie without the video. Sort of like a dramatic audio book.

    The podcast then …

  19. @tifamonster

    Writing Showcase


    This week, the writing group was in charge of choosing our favorite writing assignments that were completed last week. For different reasons, we chose the following assignments:

    Haiku about a Haiku

    We chose Tyra’s poem about a haiku because we thought it was written very creatively. She wrote a haiku …

  20. @tifamonster

    Weekly Summary


    This week was a little more challenging than previous weeks. I did not find the assignments harder but I found them more time consuming. I am glad to have finished my work a day before the deadline and not having waited until the last minute because I know I would …

  21. @tifamonster

    Reading Reflection


    After reading Becoming Better Photographers and Photography and Narrative, I feel confident that I have acquired necessary skills and techniques to become a better photographer.

    Both articles discuss the importance of looking at the moment you will be capturing and embracing it. They don’t mean to literally just look at …

  22. @tifamonster

    Photo Reflection


    When I was little, I had a dream that one day I would become a professional photographer. However, that dream quickly vanished and I moved onto new goals.

    Nowadays, I take a lot of pictures– in fact, I take more pictures than I did back then. I think is due …

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