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  1. @yarasaleh68

    What amazing podcasts!

    I really enjoyed all the podcasts I listened to, and I was really proud of what everyone accomplished! While listening to some of these podcasts my classmates created, I was extremely intrigued with all of them. Also, we finished our midterm- and that’s always something to applaud everyone for. We’re half way done with this …

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  2. @yarasaleh68

    My Radio Bumper

    I had no idea what a bumper was before starting this assignment. Little did I know, it was something I’ve been hearing since as long as I could remember. I don’t even know why I didn’t know that the name for those pauses within the radio stations are “radio bumpers”. I feel that’s super interesting …

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  3. @yarasaleh68

    Analysis of photography, and it’s affect on storytelling

    Photography can be so beautiful but so many have difficulty trying to do it as an art. It’s rarely ever been just a quick snap of a photo. It comes with thoughts through every photo. Where do I take the picture? How’s the lighting here? What is in my photos, and how can they help …

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  4. @yarasaleh68

    My Photography Background

    There are some things I would say I’m good or even decent at. That includes coding, writing, and math. However, I would never call myself a good photographer. A photographer isn’t just someone with a good camera that takes even greater quality photos. They are also extremely creative and express their art through their photography. …

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