1. feliciads106

    The Banana is Climbing the Stairs

    When I saw the Moving Object assignment, I wanted to try it. However, the demo video was not a really good example, so I decided to try it on my own. This was my first time using Vine to create a video. I downloaded the App to my IPhone and followed the instructions on learning […]
  2. catscarnival

    60 Second Day

    The 60-Second Day (and a few more). The sound did not transfer when it was uploaded to YouTube and it didn’t show up on my blog yesterday. A frightful week and glad it’s over.
  3. catscarnival

    Big Bird Look-A-Like

    Not exactly a Superhero, but a look-a-like just the same. This is my friend’s granddaughter at a school Halloween Party. The Big Bird photo was found online. The two were cropped and edited in Publisher for a Daily Create.
  4. kmgeckle

    I Am Me

    This assignment really appealed to me! I love looking at past memories, and compiling them was super fun! I went through my Facebook to figure out how to best depict me, and here’s what I found: my friends, family, dance,...
  5. kmgeckle

    Music Video

    I decided to relate this one to my host character, The Headless Ballerina. What better way to do that is through dance, right??? My personal favorite types of music videos are full dance ones, and I’m sure THB’s are too!...
  6. kmgeckle

    Comments Week 10

    http://ds106.forkinall.com/assignments/reverse-reverse/#comment-229 http://gabbing-gabi.carongabi.org/assignments/video-assignment-1/#comment-149 http://mikesspookyds106.com/weekly-summaries/bat-mike-returns-weekly-summary/#comment-673 http://ds106.ga...
  7. gabatron15

    Weekly Summary 10!

    Video Analysis Daily Creates Sign Language Special Person Montage I am Gabby Comments: http://gabbing-gabi.carongabi.org/assignments/video-assignment-1/#comment-146 http://gabbing-gabi.carongabi.org/assignments/video-assignment-2/#comment-147 http://d...
  8. kmgeckle

    Week 10…whoops

    Yes. Yes I did not turn in anything for week 9. All I have to say is whoops. I’m not going to lie, I thought I would be able to get away with checking the work for the week on...
  9. gcaron

    Video Assignment 3

    http://www.photosnack.com/gcaron/ds106.html I made a slide show of what life would be like as a dog. I think this the thought process of a dog and things I would want to do as a dog.
  10. audyg1rl

    Weekly Summary

    This week was a really fun week.  Viewing and creating videos, is something I wasn’t initially looking forward to doing this week but it turned out to be really fun.  I was surprised at how popular my commercial was.  My son was getting frustrated with me because we had to film it so many times.  … Continue reading Weekly Summary
  11. gcaron

    Weekly Summary 10

    This week was challenging in my opinion. I am not very good with the video stuff I think or the editing over things. I couldn’t figure out how to voice over my video essay so I just decided to type it and go for it. Not being able to figure out how to voice things […]
  12. gcaron

    Video Essay

    So I really could not figure out how to add sound to this like a voice over so I got the clip I wanted and want through iMovie which took forever to download to my Mac. Instead of voicing it over, I am going to just type out what I wrote down that I was […]
  13. gabatron15

    I am Gabby

    This is a Video Assignment that is worth 4 and a half stars. This assignment involves making a video of yourself whether that be video clips or images of yourself and things that make up you as a person. In a sense to give your classmates a glimpse of who you are behind the screen […]
  14. gabatron15

    Special Person Montage

    This is a Video Assignment that is worth 5 stars. This video is to choose someone that is special to you and put clips or videos together to show what makes them so special to you. I decided my parents for this assignment. I went through all of the photos that I could of my […]
  15. gabatron15

    Sign Language

    This is a video assignment and its worth 4 stars. For this assignment we had to create a word that was a least four letters using only sign language. I had decided on more than one word and once you figure it I hope you can comment your idea of what you think it might […]
  16. gabatron15

    Video Analysis

    This video analysis was very enlightening. I am currently in intro to cinema studies so when it came to this assignment it wasn’t very unfamiliar to analyze a scene in a way that it wasn’t critiquing the film itself but the director in which each intricate part was put together. It took me a while […]
  17. gcaron

    Video Assignment 1

    This assignment was titles “What do you Love?”. Do I decided to make a video of my new puppy, Parker. I adopted Parker a couple days ago and I have fallen in love with him since. I decided to record a video of him sleeping because that is literally all he does since he is […]
  18. gabatron15

    Daily Creates!

    @ds106dc #tdc1387 Missing Lochness Monster! pic.twitter.com/eudZQ9XYwe — Gabby Christie (@christie_gabby) October 26, 2015 For this daily create we had to make a missing persons poster. I decided to go with an old fashion myth known as the lochness monster. Everyone knows the legend and I thought that its a missing poster that you would never […]
  19. jamerive

    Video Essay

    Hi, everyone! For the next minute or so, I’d like to talk to you all about my experience with reading Roger Ebert’s essay ‘How to Read A Movie’.  I’ll do that by examining a scene. Now, as I think of a movie scene worth writing about, I’m reminded of the week we had the option … Continue reading Video Essay

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