1. adyke

    Dennis’ Night of Debauchery

    InTheLandOfDrunks, IAmRarelyFound. However, WhenIAmFound, IAmDeeperThanMost. MyNightOfDebaucheryCreatedPictures, ThesePhotographsShallLive, WhileTheMemoryIsGone. IHopeYouEnjoyMyNightOfDebauchery, ISureDid… This is a 4.5 star assignment for Ds106 titled HangoverAssignment. It required many poses for photos and of course some imovie editing magic. I picked a song from a free to public mixtape from the artist Chris Webby titled Weirdo, it fit the party atmosphere and … Continue reading Dennis’ Night of Debauchery
  2. adyke

    Squeek Rod

    In a world filled with adventure and stunts one man and his crew rise above the rest, Hot Rod. However during his training something terrible happened to Rod’s voice, he became unable to say whiskey correctly! This coupled with the chipmunk squeaky style voice creates for some wonderful comedy. Enjoy! This is a 3 star … Continue reading Squeek Rod
  3. gabatron15

    Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

    This is a Video Assignment and it is worth 4 Stars. This assignment gave me the task of creating a letter for myself if I was given the opportunity. I started out by actually typing up the letter and reflecting on my life. It actually took longer than I thought to actually write the letter […]
  4. mmiranda


    This video assignment is worth 4 stars and it prompt me to create an origami for Halloween. I know it is a little late for a Halloween origami but it is never too late for one. I create this assignment for the assignment bank and it will prompt a student to create a video of … Continue reading Origami
  5. Alexis Zirpmoulis

    Daily Creates for the week!

    http:// @ds106dc #tdc1395 cremaaaaaa 😏 pic.twitter.com/xhxCiiyGGM — Alexis Zirpmoulis (@azirpmoulis) November 3, 2015 Daily create 11/03/2015 I used a selfie of myself and edited on my phone using Instagram.  I chose to use the “Crema” filter on Instagram. http:// @ds106dc #tdc1394 pic.twitter.com/59V2ugicLT — Alexis Zirpmoulis (@azirpmoulis) November 3, 2015 Daily Create 11/02/2015 I decided to […]
  6. ewindley


    One of the assignments I did this week was to take the audio commercial I created a few weeks ago for the radio show and adding a visual element to it. This assignment allowed you to use still clips and arrange them to go along with the audio that was already created.  The trick was … Continue reading Commercial
  7. ewindley

    Mini Documentary

    This weeks video assignments included a must do mini documentary.  My video for this features Kyle Hvisdash telling us about his favorite band of all time.  The mini documentary on The Sun City Girls is a story of an eclectic style band so to make my movie in keeping with this I used a movie … Continue reading Mini Documentary
  8. ewindley

    Turning it Up

    This week we are continuing with video and incorporating our audio as well and utilizing our host character.  I started out the week reading the unit on making movies.  I watched the film clip by Ken Burns where he discusses the intent for manipulation in storytelling.  I was extremely moved by the sharing of his … Continue reading Turning it Up
  9. emorelleum

    Morlium Presents: Musings From His Wanderings

    (A man in suit and fedora, leaning on an axe for a cane, stands before you) Good Evening. As I wander around your world, I see many bizarre and unsettling things. None perhaps, are quite as unsettling as the preponderance of caged souls you display on “youtube”. Have you asked yourselves why you feel it […]

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