1. @josephineds106

    Audio Storytelling


    Audio is a medium that I struggle with. Visuals make me feel like my story is not being misunderstood. I feel that sometime it is easier to have visuals with no audio, but harder to have audio with no visual. But, audio can also tell some great stories when done …

  2. @Marie-Lynn



    After looking through the DS106 Assignment Bank, I really wanted to do the assignment “Recover a Classic” simply because the thought of redesigning a book cover sounds amazing to me. I actually was tempted to do this assignment back during the second week of class, but decided against it because …

  3. @Marie-Lynn

    Have You Seen This Person?


    For the first assignment of this week I decided to create a missing person poster for the assignment “Missing Person.” Since the assignment page encourages us to relate a few assignments to our class theme (Bob Ross) I thought this assignment would be the perfect one to include him in! …

  4. @SushiSupport

    Weekly Summary 5


    I would say this week has been the toughest week thus far. I imagine that if this trend continues I wont be able to get through the semester, let alone the school year. If I had to guess I would say I’m behind in most of my classes, but more …

  5. @SushiSupport

    Audio Assignment: Chrome Labs


    This is another assignment that I thought would be fun for future generations of this class to participate in. There is a program available on the internet called chrome labs, which has a plethora of music based applications including beat makers and melody makers etc. For this assignment you will …

  6. @HumIsDum

    Weekly 5ummary


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    And that’s a wrap on Week 5! Though the photography theme of Week 4 was a lot of fun, I found myself enjoying audio-based storytelling far more. The process of shaping a narrative through sound alone is fascinating, and I’m always a fan of messing around in …

  7. @SushiSupport

    Audio Assignments:3’s A band


    I decided to make an audio assignment because I noticed there was a considerable lack of composition based audio assignments in the assignment bank. I certainly Plan on adding more audio assignments, and I’ll try to add tutorials for all of them.

    For this Audio Assignment you’ll use any composition …

  8. @MasonOberle

    Week 5


    This was it. This was the week when everything started to fall apart. Let’s start with the positives. I was able to complete all of the assigned work this week. I was able to all three of my Daily Creates on each of their assigned days, even if some of …

  9. @skyler0455

    radio show ideas


    I think we could do a radio show listening to one of Bob Ross’s videos, and commenting on how his inspiration guides our class and contributes to our theme. Or, the whole show could just be a conversation about his ideas relating to class, citing some of his videos. A …

  10. @SushiSupport

    Audio Assignment: Reverse It


    The Audio Assignment Reverse It Asks that you take a soundtrack form a musical and rearrange the tracks in order to create a whole new story. Many musicals begin and end in similar places musically, with the finale being a reprisal of some of the main beginning numbers of the …

  11. @skyler0455

    it’s spooky season!


    Within this assigment, you must find some spooky sounds and create a scary audio clip. Select more than four sounds and overlap them on a program like Audacity. You can use Freesound to select your sounds. Make them as spooky as possible. Good luck!


    I loved this assignment! I …

  12. @PabloMccrimmon



    For my radio show, I would either want to do something in the style of a podcast (exploring a topic or telling a story that explains a topic) or do a radio play as we heard on ds106 radio. Some topics I might be interested in include music or anything …

  13. @HumIsDum

    Radio Show Brainblast


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    In the coming weeks, members of this DS106 class will be placed into groups to create a 20-30 minute radio show. This show must be a narrative that ties into our course’s themes in some way. It’s a good idea beforehand to brainstorm some possibilities for this …

  14. @jwcpsc

    Weekly Summary: Week Five


    This week was definitely harder in terms of assignments from the assignment bank. Actually getting the idea and the audio to go with it wasn’t hard but bringing the two together like I pictured was difficult. Especially with the radio bumper, it took me a good while to figure out …

  15. @skyler0455

    worst sound ever


    Create YOUR worst sound ever. Take audio clips of every single sound that you hate and put them all together to make The Worst Noise Ever.


    For this assignment, I tried to come up with the worst sounds I could think of to make one giant auditory hell. It …

  16. @jwcpsc

    Radio Bumper


    This was super awkward and embarrassing as I don’t like recording myself in any form but I tried to go for a soothing but energetic voice. I don’t know if it worked. The sound is kind of choppy where I edited it and I don’t know how to fix that …

  17. @PabloMccrimmon



    For my third audio assignment, I recreated the essence of The Shining (1980) using only sound effects. Anyone who knows me knows I love The Shining, so this was an easy pick. I knew I couldn’t capture the entire plot of the film within the 90 seconds allotted, so …

  18. @HumIsDum

    While My MIDI Gently Weeps


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    For my final task from the assignment bank, I’ve gone with Jennifer Hill’s 3-star prompt to convert a song into a MIDI file in order to produce the auditory illusion of hearing lyrics where there are none. I’ve heard this illusion plenty of times before, though I’ve …

  19. @PabloMccrimmon



    For my second audio assignment, I created ambient music out of a pre-existing song. The prompt specifically stated to slow the track down by 800 percent, but mine may have been a little less than that. One of the biggest struggles of this assignment was simply figuring out how …

  20. @myclassaccount

    Assignment Posts for Week Five


    Hi, everyone! This week as everyone in the class knows we are doing audio assignments for our weekly assignments. We started off with the radio bumper which on my previous post.

    This post is the Sound Effect story. Titled: Coffee Shop

    Breakdown: I recorded this in an actual coffee shop …

  21. @myclassaccount

    DS106 Radio


    I really enjoyed listening to the station for this hour with the class. I chose to listen to the first session of the week, which was Monday night from 8-9 ET. We listened to a story filled with mystery and curious sounds.

    I love how it was all broken down. …

  22. @myclassaccount

    Radio Bumper


    Here it is, folks! My radio bumper for DS106 Radio! I’m super excited to get going on audio content for class. As a person who has always enjoyed podcasting, this is going to be terrific.

    Breakdown of how I did this: For this assignment I recorded myself in a way …

  23. @eendip

    Weekly Summary


    So after failing to do a lot of the work for last week’s workload, I made up for it on this one. To date, I’ve enjoyed the audio assignments more than any other type. It was cool to watch videos on audio storytelling, then dabble in it myself. The assignments, …