1. @myclassaccount

    Week 1 Summary


    First week of the semester complete!

    We started the week off for our class having our first two classes on Zoom on Monday and Wednesday. Today, Friday, we met for the first time in-person. This week as one can expect for a first week of the semester were given a …

  2. paul bond

    All the details matter, part 867


    Lettering is communication as a base level– knowing what is being said, who is saying it, and being able to read it in the correct order. Do that and the comic is "readable". Pushing beyond (I think) is reaching for story-additive work in lettering, or at least art-absorbing.

    — Hassan …

  3. @HannahMendiola5

    Reflective Essay


    In my opinion, this course has helped me grow as not only a writer but also a reviewer. It has forced me to come out of my comfort zone as a student and think critically about topics that I would normally just overlook. I have learned that a lot about …

  4. @HannahMendiola5

    Hannah Mendiola – My Life Story


    Hi! My name is Hannah Mendiola and I am currently a senior here at The University of Mary Washington. I am from Centreville, Virginia and I live with my brother, mom, and stepdad. My parents divorced when I was 1 year-old and while, it is hard having divorced parents, they …

  5. @josephineds106



    For this Mashup Activity, I chose to do the sheet music assignment because I thought it was really cool! I chose this image from Dreamgirls because it is a scene from one of the most popular songs, “And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going”

    I took the dark blue …

  6. @KHavertDs106



    Creating this final video took everything in me, but I enjoyed each step of the process. Originally come up with an idea I wanted to share with the world was extremely difficult for me. That all changed with one comment of influence. I did my final project on the joy …

  7. @HumIsDum

    Rainbow Fairyfloss – Expectations (Final Project)


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    My final project video for DS106 is finally complete! It ended up taking much longer than expected, but that’s only because I ended up wanting to put as much into it as I possibly could. This really became a passion project for me, and if I were …

  8. @eendip

    Weekly Summary


    Originally, my idea was to do an impression/remake of a Bob Ross video. But I decided I wanted to do a more reflective piece. So that’s what I did. I compiled some of my favorite pieces of digital art that I created over the course of this semester into a …

  9. @SushiSupport

    Week 14 Summary and Class Reflection


    Tough week, tough semester, tough year. Its difficult for me to put my feelings into words, and I think that this tends to cause me more suffering so I am really gonna try and vocalize them this time. The final project for this class brought out a lot of feelings …

  10. @jwcpsc

    Final Project Report


    My final project is done although it came out slightly different then I had planned it. My original plan was to do it in a kind of talkshow manner but I recorded it, it was too personal so it just turned into storytelling about my life. I think I like …

  11. @PabloMccrimmon



    My final project is a short film that explores existential angst and features the questions about art and life that have been plaguing me for months. My original concept for this project was an ambitious multi-media fiasco and I quickly realized while working planning it further that I would need …

  12. @Carrie F.

    Week 10


    Honestly this week has been a struggle. I was not really able to post and complete all of the assignments that were assigned this week. I had a lot of stress on my plate this week and hope that everything does get better! I was able to complete a couple …

  13. @Carrie F.

    Final Summary


    For this final project, I have decided to take the time to reflect on my progress throughout this course. I decided I would show most of my reflection by using my designing , audio skills and my writing skills to demonstrate my growth. In this final project, I have posted …

  14. @haylie5800

    All Four Years of College


    The story I what to tell the world is “Some of the greatest lessons I have learned and memories I’ve made were in my 4 years of college.” In order to tell this story I will include multiple varieties of assignments that we learned throughout DS106. I have included some …

  15. @Carrie F.

    Interview and the Transcription

    Interview with the New and Improved Carrington!

    Transcript for Interview:

    Welcome to the evening edition of The Reflected Self. We are pleased to  have with us the newly  transformed Carrington F. Carrington is in the final week of Digital Storytelling  and cannot say enough about the growth she has experienced …

  16. @josephineds106

    DS106 Final


    Final summary:

    For my final project, I decided to write an original poem and add a visual component to it. The poem I wrote is about the lack of Black history taught in schools. The title is We Teach We which means that the Black history I learned was from …

  17. @skyler0455

    my final project


    The story I wanted to share with the world was about living in the present moment. I as well as many people through the pandemic have been through many changes and transitions in the past few years, many of which I did not expect. It taught me to cherish the …

  18. @Carrie F.



    I shift

    I shimmer

    I change.

    I twist

    I twinkle

    I turn.

    My glimmer brings light to your eyes

    My sparkle fills you with hope

    Do not remember the flaws that are me, world.

    Please remember how I made you feel.…