1. @MasonOberle

    Week 8


    This was another slower week in DS106. This Wednesday, our radio show group met so that we could record together. After that, most of my time was spent editing my segment of the show and then putting all of the segments together. I also completed two Daily Creates and …

  2. @MasonOberle

    Stories From Behind the Counter


    For my portion of the radio show, I started by editing out all mentions of my employer’s name. I did this by muting portions of audio that contained the name and overlaying a scanner beep sound effect on top of that portion. Next, since some of the people in my …

  3. @Marie-Lynn

    Our Very Own Radio Show!


    This week comes to an end with a bang, as everyone shares their radio show projects with the world! My group (We called ourselves The Fab Five!) consists of myself, Sarah Leonard, Erica Gonzalez, Mike Messina, and Skylar Joseph. We are proud to be sharing our recreation of the Roy …

  4. @ekardos106

    Radio Show Progress


    This week, my group has been mainly focused on dividing up the content part of our show and getting our recordings done! We have been communicating on Discord and figured everything out. I volunteered to put all of our individual recordings together to create the show. We are making sure …

  5. @MasonOberle

    2 Creates This Week


    Only two creates for this week, and here they are. The first was to show what would happen if a button was pressed. I am still enamored with the animation tool on Procreate, so I decided to make a piece of art using that once again. As soon as someone …

  6. @KHavertDs106

    Weekly Summary #8


    This week went by extremely fast! I have to say I am proud of my group and all the work we have accomplished. Throughout this entire project we all communicated and work together to make this radio show include a piece of all of us. Our show was a take …

  7. @wchiltonumw

    Behind the Counter Progress


    We were able to meet in person on Wednesday the 13th. During that meeting we all recorder our stories and descriptions. We decided that we wanted our show to be more of a conversation, so during our stories everyone would talk and put in their input. I believe that idea …

  8. @KHavertDs106

    A Lurker & A Button


    I found that the daily creates I participated in this week were fairly simple. This week they were pretty fun to do, especially the button one. I mean who doesn’t love a good old Ren & Stimpy cartoon gif.

    #tdc3561 #ds106 a lurker is kinda like a stalker or someone …

  9. @KHavertDs106



    This week my group met up on Wednesday afternoon and got almost everything done. During this time we planned the audio arrangement for the radio show. Once we figured that out, we got to recording each persons story one by one. Once everyone finished recording Mason emailed each of our …

  10. @grace_long88

    Week Eight Summary


    Because of Fall Break, I got an early start on this week’s assignments. I signed up to compile my groups segments together and make them all uniform. So I also knew I had to get ahead of my work so I would have time at the end of the week …

  11. @grace_long88

    Progress Report


    Because of Fall Break, I got an early start on this week’s assignments. I signed up to compile my groups segments together and make them all uniform. So I also knew I had to get ahead of my work so I would have time at the end of the week …

  12. @MasonOberle

    Radio Show Week 2


    My group has made quite a bit of progress with our Radio Show. Today, we met in the HCC and recorded our portions of the show. We decided to record them together so they would have a consistent sound quality. After they were all recorded, I emailed the raw tracks …

  13. @Marie-Lynn

    Radio Show Progress Report #2


    As the week comes to a close, I felt is appropriate to summarize the progress of our radio show before we post the final project. Last week we made plans to meet on Zoom to record everything, since many of us were not in the Fredericksburg area during Fall Break. …

  14. @mgedney

    weekly summary eight


    Week eight was dedicated to finishing my group’s radio show, “Stories from Behind the Counter”. At the beginning of the week, I did my two daily creates. Since my bumper, commercial, and logo were done at the end of last week, I couldn’t work on anything until my group met …

  15. @skyler0455

    update on our radio show progress!


    For this week, my group just met today to record our radio show. We had our script ready, with each of us taking two roles. We each read through the script to make sure we knew when our parts came in. Also, for a few of us, our characters would …

  16. @mgedney

    radio show progress x2


    This week my group and I worked on putting all of the pieces together for the radio show. During the previous week, we all completed our logos, bumper stickers, commercials, bumpers etc. That left recording the actual talk show and putting all the supplemental stuff into one recording. On Wednesday, …

  17. @josephineds106

    106 HORROR!


    When I think of horror, I think of the killer in the shower trope. My first thought was to have 106 written in bloody letters, but that seemed kind of basic. I found this picture online of a serial killer shower curtain that makes it look like someone is in …

  18. @josephineds106

    Who Runs The World?


    Money. Money runs the world. BUT so girls, specifically women, specifically Beyonce.

    For this assignment, to mess around with money, I decided to replace the white man currently on the bill with someone more relevant, more prophetic…Beyoncé! I used Photoshop to remove the original face, but keep the same frame. …

  19. @josephineds106

    Shouldn’t Be Shocking


    This assignment asked us to combine two images in order to create a shocking message. For me a shocking message is anything that causes controversy. My message is that breasts are not inherently sexual. I chose an image of a woman who is consensually showing her breasts and then found …

  20. @josephineds106

    Radio Show Progress


    For my radio show group I decided to work with my younger sibling, Alex and one of his friends,Pablo. Alex and I had talked previously about being in the same class together and thought this would be an easy option because we have similar interests.

    We then reached out to …