1. @wchiltonumw

    Joy of Music Live Listen


    I listened to the Joy of Music show on Tuesday night. It was awesome listening to the first individual speak about his playlists that he created. The knowledge that he was able to provide to everyone was insane. He truly showed how music has so much more thought and meaning …

  2. @haylie5800

    Some more sunshine


    I chose to redo one of my assignments from the beginning of the semester. This assignment was to think of an emotion and pick 3 songs that expressed that emotion and explain why. When I first completed this assignment I made a playlist of 3 songs (Happy, Shake It Off, …

  3. @MasonOberle

    Radio Listen


    Last night, I listened to two radio shows broadcasted on DS106 radio. These shows were How To Survive: Advice From The Five and The Tea on Social Media Radio Show. Listening to these shows was a blast, primarily because I think they both provided a lot of very useful information.…

  4. @haylie5800

    Listening Reflection


    I listened to the radio show on Monday night that aired How to Survive: Advice From the Five and The Tea on Social Media. The first show was my groups and it was really weird listening to myself talk. I know I am not alone in this feeling but it …

  5. @ekardos106

    Radio Show Listening


    On Monday evening, I listened to the ds106 radio! I listened to ‘How to Survive: Advice from the Five’ and ‘The Tea on Social Media’ (the show I helped create). It was so fun to hear our shows live on the air!

    ‘How to Survive: Advice from the Five’ was …

  6. @kjax18271

    Tuning in to ds106


    I listened in during Monday night’s broadcast because I had to work Tuesday and Wednesday night. The first show broadcasted was actually my group’s show so it was fun to listen to it put together on the ds106 radio. I loved reading my classmates’ comments on our show. Several people …

  7. @Marie-Lynn

    Postcard: Revisited


    I originally completed the “Postcards From Magical Places” assignment back in Week 6, where I made a postcard for the 4077 MASH unit from the television show M*A*S*H. However, anyone who may had read that post might remember that I mentioned I originally did not want to generate a postcard …

  8. @grace_long88

    Take a Guess! (redone)


    I wanted to redo this assignment because I recently got a new phone with a better camera. The last time I did this assignment the photo was not good quality so I thought it would be fun to do it again with a better quality photo.

    So take a guess …

  9. @kjax18271

    A Little Improvement


    For my first assignment revision, I decided to remake my poster advertising our radio show. I had made my first poster before we had decided on the name and the slogan for our show, so I wanted to create an updated version of our poster. I went onto Mark Maker …

  10. @grace_long88

    Before & After (redone)


    My favorite season is Fall. I love the way the leaves change and the temperature is perfect outside. I also love wearing comfy jackets and sweatshirts. I think it is remarkable how different outside looks in different seasons. For my first rework I decided to try the Color Changer assignment …

  11. @1kid3pets1hub

    Thinking about my ds106 legacy


    What do I want to share with the world? There’s so much! If this question were asked of me at an earlier point in my life, I am not even sure what I would have said. Probably something like, “follow your dreams, be yourself” and other naïve thoughts that one …

  12. @mgedney

    pumpkin logo


    My second redo assignment was my logo I made during the graphic design week. I wanted to test my self and do the opposite of my first logo, a logo you would find during fall. My original one was a soft pink with cursive writing that advertised a bakery. I …

  13. @mgedney

    dream room and beyond


    I choose to update my dream bedroom assignment from a few weeks ago. The goal was to create a Pinterest board with all the components that build a bedroom. This week I decided to edit and expand what I created. I searched for more pins for the existing board to …

  14. @mgedney

    weekly summary nine


    This week was dedicated to listening to my classmate’s radio shows and improving upon my old assignments. I started off the week by tuning into ds106 radio on Monday night and listening to the airing radio shows while I reacted on discord. It was really fun to hear what others …

  15. @mgedney

    project ideas


    What story do I want to share with the world is a super broad question. There are so many little things I would want to share, but what would be meaningful for an audience narrows it down. I think a story the world could relate to would be about my …

  16. @mgedney

    radio reflections


    I tuned into ds106 radio on Monday night. The first show airing was ‘How to Survive: Advice from the Five’. It was a great show. They covered essential things all freshman MUST hear and made sure to include the details. We heard about the importance of writing every tiny assignment …

  17. @HumIsDum

    Week 8: Radio Show Rodeo


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    Of all the weeks we’ve had in DS106, this week was by far the most unique. Our focus was almost entirely on one single project: The group radio shows. Before we go over that, though, let’s touch on this week’s Daily Creates.

    Wednesday: The first TDC …

  18. @HumIsDum

    Radio Show Progress


    At long last, the radio show is finally complete! It took quite a bit of work from everyone on the team, but we’re all extremely happy with how it turned out.

    I started this week by finishing up the rest of the bumpers, including the intro and outro. I love …

  19. @HumIsDum

    A Couple More Creates


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    This week, only two TDC’s had to be completed, which is great, considering how much of my focus has been on completing the radio show.

    Wednesday: For this week’s first prompt, we were asked to determine what the button mentioned in this comic strip could possibly …

  20. @jwcpsc

    Weekly Summary: Week Seven


    This week was definitely a challenge because it was right after a break and then we had to get back into school work. It was also tough trying to find time to get together and find free time in everyone’s schedule to record the audio so we decided to do …

  21. @jwcpsc

    Completed Radio Show


    I think the radio show came out nicely. I love the way that Elizabeth edited all the parts together, it makes it seem like we were actually sitting down together to make the recording even though we weren’t. I think all the points flow together nicely there’s no topic jumping …

  22. @josephineds106

    Weekly Retrospection #8


    This week my group and I completed our radio show, The Joy of Music. The video for that is down below. This was an interesting process. I used a lot of Audacity and convertors which was nice because it was the same audio work we have already been doing, so …

  23. @jwcpsc

    Radio Show Progress


    We saw the feedback gives to us on the first radio show progress post and we decided to create and intro as well to help start our show and introduce our topic. Getting everyone together to record the show at one time was going to be difficult so we decided …

  24. @PabloMccrimmon



    This week I worked entirely on the radio show project. I had already recorded my bumper and commercial, so this week I focused on recording my spoken segment in the radio show. I met with my group and finalized our plans and after they had recorded their segments and sent …

  25. @josephineds106

    Radio Show Progress #2


    This week I met with Alex and Pablo to discuss the main content of our radio show before we recorded. I then recorded my part on my own. I used Audacity to record my voice and other sounds that I needed. I then sent the files to Pablo who is …

  26. @Carrie F.

    Radio Show Progress


    This week, my radio show group had divided up the main points that we wanted to discuss for our individual recordings for our radio show. I had volunteered to discuss how the impacts of social media during the pandemic. I had researched some points and wrote a script for my …