1. @1kid3pets1hub

    Week 12 in the books!


    What a week it has been, both for school and my home life. All my classes are now down to the final few projects and the pressure is on, since most of these are worth the largest percentage of my grades. I am thrilled that the weather has shifted and …

  2. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #12


    For this week, we were tasked to complete 3 Mashup Assignments, 2 Remix Assignments, and 3 TDC’s.

    For my 3 Mashup’s, I did “Storytelling Through Text“, which was where one of my friends and I, told a funny, but scary story through our texts. The idea was that …

  3. @1kid3pets1hub

    REMIX: My Favorite Video


    This video is not my best video in terms of quality or even composition. However, this video does little to capture the sheer joy and pride my son has over his new skill. He learned how to skid to stop first, but then he added the extra fancy sideways drift …

  4. @1kid3pets1hub

    REMIX: Populating one of Bob’s scenes


    For this remix, I was asked to take the “Populate the Landscape” assignment and REMIX it with making it as pink as possible. Obviously I populated Bob’s Cabin painting with pink characters, and even pink herself! I used photoshop to cut the images and them add them into the original …

  5. @jwcpsc

    Daily Create: 11/12


    I just wanted to share the amazing drink I discovered on my trip to Mexico. I drank so many of these, it was that amazing. I would definitely mix and add different fruits to see how the taste would enhance and change. The regular recipe tastes like sprite so it …

  6. @jwcpsc

    Daily Create: 11/9


    I don’t actually know if I’ve seen 300 but I still felt like the classic line was a good choice for this picture. Who doesn’t love rushing the enemy while yelling Sparta? It also makes a good password, throws them off until you run. I also helps that they kind …

  7. @jwcpsc

    Daily Create: 11/8


    I just want to start off by saying I’m sorry. I don’t know why this was the first picture I thought of but it was. Twilight was such a cringe movie that I should never be spoken of, only secret watched in the late darkness of the night. I think …

  8. @jwcpsc

    Mash-Up Assignments: Animoji Karaoke


    My go-to Animoji is the poop, don’t really know why it just is. Maybe it’s the way the top of the swirl moves every time your head moves but I just love that Animoji. I decided to do the song Know Your Enemy by Green Day because I was in …

  9. @1kid3pets1hub

    Peter went to the wrong set!


    OH NO! Peter was at the Happy Clam for too long last night, and accidentally ended up on the wrong set! Now he is being painted by the wrong artist!!!! What is he going to do?

    For this assignment, I first started out by finding a Bob Ross image for …

  10. @haylie5800

    One week closer to the finish line


    I started off this week just like every other week… a to-do list. I picked my mashup assignments for this week and I was really eager to complete them. Once I figured out my Mashup’s, I looked through my past assignments to choose my remixes.

    My first mashup assignment was …

  11. @haylie5800

    I’m ready for my close up…


    These was really funny to create because I ended up going down a rabbit hole of celebrity memes. This assignment was to pick a celebrity close up and then add it to the background of a unrelated feelings. To get things started I google “celebrity close up funny” and I …

  12. @1kid3pets1hub

    Some light creativity for the week


    This week’s daily creates were a little more scattered, because whoa! what a week I have had! It has been a very stressful week for me, as my son was exposed to COVID on Tuesday at school, and now is quarantining at home with me. What I noticed though, was …

  13. @MasonOberle

    Country Bob


    I revisited my Bob Ross dollar bill for my first remix assignment. The remix I got was to somehow “countrify” my bill.

    I did this by downloading a png of a cowboy hat that was at a similar position to Ross’s head in the unedited picture I used. I then …

  14. @Carrie F.

    Weekly Summary


    This week has just reminded me of how close we are to the end! I feel that many of my professors are just now starting to hand out and assign their final projects! It is a bit overwhelming but I am trying to manage! For this week I was able …

  15. @Carrie F.



    For this assignment, I remixed my Care Bear mashup! The remix asked that I change the mood of my last mashup. By doing so, I changed the happy care bear mood to a sad and scared one! I used Pixlr again for this assignment because I find it quite simple …

  16. @KHavertDs106

    Merry Thanks-Easter


    I decided to do the Holiday Mashup assignment. For this assignment I had to make a poster that depicted different holidays together as one. For this poster I used canva and created this. The pumpkin background is to represent thanksgiving, Santa of course represents Christmas, and the bunnies and eggs …

  17. @KHavertDs106

    Movie Mashup


    For this assignment I had to create a movie poster that portrayed two different movie genres. I decided to make this poster with a brick wall background and neon lights to give a more night life Vegas romance scene while the image is more psychological or horror. …

  18. @KHavertDs106

    Love At First Seuss


    The originally assignment was to take my favorite photo and say why its my favorite. Then I remixed it! Now the assignment is to do all that but in Dr.Suess Dialogue.

    “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams” -Dr. …

  19. @Carrie F.

    Mix it up!


    So I remixed the Holiday Mashup assignment! For my remix, I had to add in a sidekick! So for my holiday remix mashup, I added in Santa’s favorite helper and guider of his sleigh! If you don’t who I am talking about, I am talking about Rudolph the red nose …

  20. @KHavertDs106

    Spies in Pink


    For this remix assignment I took the visual assignment ‘Who said what’ and received the pretty in pink remix. The original assignment was to take a picture of a famous spy and have them with a quote said by another famous spy. the remix was to make it pink! So …

  21. @Carrie F.

    Care Bears?!


    For this assignment I was tasked with taking an actor’s face and putting or superimposing the landscape over the face or however you want to call it. The first thing I thought of was that meme that I always saw with James Van Der Beek’s face. Basically he was about …

  22. @Carrie F.

    Holiday Mashup


    For this assignment, I was tasked with combining three of my favorite holidays onto one photo. My favorite holiday would definitely have to be Christmas, and my family still likes to convince the kids that Santa is real…..lol . So, I decided it would be easiest to find a picture …

  23. @kjax18271

    Weekly Summary: 12


    For this week, I had to frontload all of my assignments during the beginning of the week because this week was extremely busy in terms of school work load wise for all of my classes. I knew that if I wanted to get everything done, I would have to do …

  24. @haylie5800

    Mood swing


    For my second remix I did a remix on my Emoji IRL assignment. The task of the remix was to flip the mood of the previous time, so I did a emoji story of me being scared by a clown. The first time I did this I used a childhood …

  25. @ekardos106

    Where’s Waldo?


    In this remix assignment I took an assignment I already completed and added Waldo to the picture. This is what the remix told me to do:

    I put Waldo into my places of peace. To do this, I used Superimpose and got a photo of Waldo and edited it into …